A “Sweet” Kind of Struggle

So 4 weeks until my college roommate gets married and you know what that means?  I have a bridesmaid dress to get into.  But first I need to slim it up a bit since it is a LBD (little black dress).

And here are the sweets...just feet from my desk!

Here’s the thing:  On any given day, this newsroom is stacked with sweets.  Staff members either bring it or someone from the community sends it in and don’t forget about News7 Weekend Dinner left-overs.  

Reporter Chris Hurst's go-to juice collection. These are healthy right?

Also, we have birthday parties and goodbye parties for departing colleagues and before you know it…we’re all 5lbs heavier.  There’s only so much willpower to go around. 

And let’s face it… News can be a stressful business.  We have deadlines everyday! 

I won't tell you who keeps all this hidden in their desk, but I've been known to sneak in a time or two!

As journalists, we see things we don’t always air on tv…and emotions in this newsroom at anytime can explode.  Most of us — guilty by profession — are emotional eaters! 

Before you know it, it’ll be the holiday’s and that means even more sweets.  

Kelsey Lodge's Going Away Party (She was a producer and associate producer here at WDBJ) We'll miss you!

I’m telling you, cookies, cake, pizza, chips, oh yea and chocolate, they are truly my weakness — a guaranteed way into my heart ha ha! 

Chocolate...how can I resist?


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