Where are your manners?

smileYou know, I’ve been conducting my own little experiment over the past two weeks.  It’s amazing how many people walk right past each other (the only two people in sight) and don’t say “Hello” or “Good Morning”.  It’s also amazing how rude people are when they’re the customer; for instance, trying to check into a hotel.

What I’ve always known, but realize even more is the words “Hello” or “Good Morning” can be a gateway to getting you a lot of good stuff. Maybe the hotel clerk looks out for you in ways he/she might not have.  Maybe, you just really saved someone from having a lousy day.  If opening your mouth and speaking is too much, what about a smile?  I just don’t get it when people pass each other and look away or look down.

I really think something this simple could truly change our society for the better.  Perhaps if people were nicer to each other, you wouldn’t have some kid walking into an elementary school and shooting up dozens of people.  Being rude has become the norm, not the exception now-a-days.  It’s truly and utterly ridiculous.

My challenge to you?  Try it and even if the person doesn’t reciprocate, you will feel better about yourself.


6 responses to “Where are your manners?

  1. I think you’re definitely right about this, Hollani. I know from personal experience that even a smile can brighten someone’s day. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

  2. ljethrogibbs46

    You are correct. Courtesy (along with common sense) seems to be a rare commodity these days. There are many times I’ve held a door open for someone, then they pass right through without a word. I’ve taken to saying (in a loud voice): “You’re welcome.” They look at me like I’m crazy, esp. if they’re hooked up to some electronic device. A smile here, an encouraging word there, it all adds up. Small things do matter.

  3. We live in a society that has embraced the “what’s in it for me” mentality. The majority is so self-absorbed, they hardly realize that people are being nice around them. I walked the Greenway a few sundays ago. This was exceptionally notable among the younger people in my age group that I encoutered. I would say ‘morning” and smile. The true “outdoor types” responded with a smile and return of “morning”. Then there was those that were too stuffy in their conversations with their partners to acknowledge me. Some people would hardly look my direction if they were alone. One thing that did stand out was that the older generation always spoke and smiled. I guess they understand the fortune of getting out of the bed each morning and being able to get outside. Hollani, if I ever get lucky enough to meet you, I promise to smile and say hello!

    • sometimes in this age of no jobs and people losing their homes and other things as well seems to take lead on peoples attitudes….when times are good(and they have not been in a long time) people are worried and worried people do not smile and make small talk..do either of you ever wonder what may be on that persons mind that is so deep that they cannot muster a smile(no smile exist for poor, homeless people)or a kind word..at that moment there are bigger things to worry about ..older people do smile and nod more than young people and that is because the young are so used to horrible things happening everyday that they don’t see the good in anything..read the facebook entries of almost any young person and you will see that they live in their own worlds where we are bombed running a race, our town blows up right when their parents get to work, school are being broken into and their friends and teachers are being killed….do I need to go on…a very different world

      • David L. Snyder

        I do not disagree with your points. I will however say that it is a poor excuse. I care not to mention all of my own personal struggles here, but I will say that being friendly with strangers and making small talk can relieve the stress of the world. To quote Axle Rose ” worry is just a waste of my time.”

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        Hollanis Hot Topics wrote:

        Glenda commented: “sometimes in this age of no jobs and people losing their homes and other things as well seems to take lead on peoples attitudes….when times are good(and they have not been in a long time) people are worried and worried people do not smile and make small”

  4. ljethrogibbs46

    David is right. This isn’t the only generation to have troubles, for Gods sake. The current “struggles” pale in comparison to what prior generations had to deal with. But if you are so self-absorbed in your own life, & like many young people, in reality TV, Twitter, etc. etc. as to have no real life of your own, then you DO have a major problem. Courtesy & good manners are taught (or should be) when we’re young. They carry over throughout your life, whether a good or a bad one. I’ve known many people who have suffered much worse that what kids do today & still have manners. I know a Holocaust survivor who went through not one but THREE death camps – Terezin, Auschwitz, & Buchenwald. He was “selected” for work by Dr. Josef Mengele himself after he disembarked from the train at Auschwitz. I can only imagine the horrors he witnessed. He’s one of the friendliest & most courteous men I’ve ever known.

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