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The Revelation….

I LOVE everything about Christmas, well almost.

Beautifully decorated Christmas trees make me happy!  Hot chocolate with marshmallows satisfy my taste buds as I try to survive the winter chill.  I love snow (as long as it doesn’t snow too many times or create thick layers of ice that lead to electrical outages).

Oh yea, back to what I love.

I love the true meaning of Christmas and the gift of salvation it represents.  I love giving gifts and seeing the reaction from those opening my presents.  I love, LOVE Christmas treats, especially decorating cookies.  I love how the mall seems to come alive with shoppers in a way that only happens around Christmas time.

But here’s the thing, I had a revelation while I was sitting in a waiting room today and there was no silence to be had.  I think I pretty much hate Christmas music!  It’s only November 28th and I’m about sick of Christmas songs.

There’s “Santa Baby” and “Jingle Bell Rock”.  You’ve got Christmas carols by the Chipmunks which sound like nails on a chalkboard.  They play on the radio over and over and over again.  Give me a good Boys II Men rendition of Silent Night and I’m cool, but the annoying tunes that have to do with Frosty and Rudolph…I can do without.

Am I a Grinch?  No, I would go that far, but I am counting the days until we can go back to our regularly scheduled (music) program.  Until then, thank goodness for CD’s.


New Years Resolution #1

Bedford resident Barbara Scott stakes out a street corner encouraging local citizens to buy American made products

So, I know I still have about a month to go, but this has been on my heart for the past few weeks.  I am really going to make more of an effort to start “Buying Local” or American made.  I was inspired last month when I did a story about a woman who was urging people in her community to shop at locally owned stores and/or buy local gifts for the Christmas holiday.  Then again today, another reporter did a story about another lady who is on a one-woman-crusade to encourage people to support the American economy.

I’ll be the first to admit, other than my food, buying local isn’t something I think about too much.  I’ve been impressed with the series “Made in America” on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer.  Through that, I’ve learned there are so many products like nails, beds and sheets that are Made in America.  You just have to look!  True, it may take a little more time to find and it might cost a few cents more; however, if we all did our part, how many people could we put to work here in our country where unemployment is a resounding 8.6%.?  I’m so tired of people blaming the President, Congress and even Wall Street for that matter.  While they all do share in the responsibility, so do we.  Why is it that we as individuals want to be so quick to pass the buck?

Let me be realistic.  I’m not going to buy only things made in this country, but I will do better.  I challenge you to do the same!

New Year’s + Miami + Virginia Tech = Happy 2011

Live shot along one of Florida's many beaches on Jan. 2, 2011

As you can tell just from the title, I’m talking about a triple threat here. 

 First of all, Happy New Year!  There’s something about a New Year that renews us all don’t you think?  This year, I spent New Year’s Day in Miami (catching an EARLY flight). 
I had a great time covering the Orange Bowl with Travis Wells and Chris Miles.  I’ve never really aspired to go to a college bowl game – but I jumped at the chance.  It’s quite impressive in so many ways aside from the actual game itself. 

Say hello to Betty & Lindsey Floyd! A few of the wonderful Hokie fans I got to meet

The tailgating (and VT fans go hard), the media-events, the quick tv deadlines it makes for a RUSH!  One of the best parts of being in Florida was the weather.  I think it averaged 73 degrees?  It was refreshing especially after Virginia’s bitter cold winter.  How many weeks until summer again?

Spa Day @ Wintergreen

So here we are in our fluffy robes (yes we returned them) and no make-up! I think we look pretty darn good don't you?

Virginia has some amazing places!  To celebrate my birthday about two weeks ago, my co-worker and amazing friend Susan Bahorich and I went to the Wintergreen Resort for our Girl’s Get-a-way/Spa Day.  We had a blast!  Talk about relaxing.  Since there was no snow to ski, we did the whole facial/massage thing, then we watched a bunch of tv in our suite, napped, tried delicious food and enjoyed girl chat.  It seems I’m one of the last to visit Wintergreen, but just in case you haven’t also…you’re missing out!

A "Wintergreen" View

A “Sweet” Kind of Struggle

So 4 weeks until my college roommate gets married and you know what that means?  I have a bridesmaid dress to get into.  But first I need to slim it up a bit since it is a LBD (little black dress).

And here are the sweets...just feet from my desk!

Here’s the thing:  On any given day, this newsroom is stacked with sweets.  Staff members either bring it or someone from the community sends it in and don’t forget about News7 Weekend Dinner left-overs.  

Reporter Chris Hurst's go-to juice collection. These are healthy right?

Also, we have birthday parties and goodbye parties for departing colleagues and before you know it…we’re all 5lbs heavier.  There’s only so much willpower to go around. 

And let’s face it… News can be a stressful business.  We have deadlines everyday! 

I won't tell you who keeps all this hidden in their desk, but I've been known to sneak in a time or two!

As journalists, we see things we don’t always air on tv…and emotions in this newsroom at anytime can explode.  Most of us — guilty by profession — are emotional eaters! 

Before you know it, it’ll be the holiday’s and that means even more sweets.  

Kelsey Lodge's Going Away Party (She was a producer and associate producer here at WDBJ) We'll miss you!

I’m telling you, cookies, cake, pizza, chips, oh yea and chocolate, they are truly my weakness — a guaranteed way into my heart ha ha! 

Chocolate...how can I resist?

My Dad…My First Love

Me & Dad - 1st Birthday

Like many daughters, my father is the first man I’ve ever loved.  He’s been my protector, my counselor, at times a friend and possibly my biggest cheerleader (along with my mom).  He’s also the man who loved me unconditionally since day 1.

Our love affair has lasted more than two decades.  At times, it’s been a turbulent affair (because we’re both head strong), but we always make-up.  He is my dad after all and you only get one.

On this Father’s Day I’ve found myself thinking, what makes my dad the best?  Is it that despite the fact he never got his man-child he never loved my sister or me any less?  Is it that he’s trekked across the country more times than I can count, to help me move?  (Oh yes, he packs, he carries furniture down the stairs, loads it into moving vans and drives wherever the wind blows me.)  Perhaps it’s because my dad is just that cool guy.  Everyone wanted him to be their dad growing up (sometimes, to keep him from bugging me I would’ve gladly given him up for a few hours.)

Well, I love my dad for all of these reasons, but most of all, I love my dad because he’s just that…MY dad.  Yesterday, Today and Always.

Did You Hear?

I for one was thrilled to hear about the new crackdown on the airline industry, especially since last year I was stuck – in a plane – on the runway for a little over two hours.

According to the new rule, passengers will be allowed to get off their flight if it’s been sitting on the tarmac for three hours. Well HOORAY to that!

With flights being so jam-packed these days (since fewer planes are in the air) three hours is more than reasonable. If you’re like me you’re always sitting next to somebody’s crying child (and honestly, it’s not their fault. I’d like to cry too) and somebody who’s giving off bad body odor (you know I’m right as harsh as that sounds). Half of the time, the air/heat isn’t on and let’s not even touch on the smell coming out of those bathrooms.

I’ll tell you what, flying as wonderful a time saver it is…I’ve had more than my share of bad luck. Unfortunately, with my family living in the Western half of the States it’s really my only choice and boy do I have horror stories!

I’ll just share a few with you…

1. Once, I had my luggage lost for two weeks. By the fourth day the airline gave me a $250 voucher. And that’s supposed to cover what exactly? That’s just about the price of one pair of Ugg Boots. (P.S. My luggage showed up the day I was heading back home.)

2. Got stuck overnight in Chicago.

3. Been stuck overnight in Atlanta (at least the airline put me up in a “rat” hole motel).

4. Been stuck in Dallas overnight (no hotel that time). A female falling asleep with luggage in the airport…not so much.

5. Sat in an airport for a total of 15 hours this past weekend. Not enough planes, not enough pilots and couple that with the massive snow storm, yikes! MMMMmmm and who’s working for these industries again?

6. My luggage didn’t make it back to Greensboro once (my destination) so they told me I’d have to drive from Roanoke the following day and pick it up. Say what? I didn’t lose my luggage why do I have to come back and get it? (I’m happy to report they FOUND a way to get it to Roanoke).