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There’s No Place Like Home

Old Mesilla - you'll find a lot of history here including tales of ghost spotted in one of the restaurants even today!

Old Mesilla – You’ll find a lot of history here including tales of ghost spotted in one of the restaurants even today!

I recently had the opportunity to go back home for about a week.  I was in Las Cruces, NM not only to visit my parents, but I was also on program as the main speaker for my childhood church’s Centennial celebration.

A lot of people — A big deal!

I was so glad when my 45 minutes speech (which I thought was 15 minutes) was over.  I worked on that thing for nearly 9 hours and still wasn’t sure how it would be received.  As I told the crowd “When you go home, you just have to get it right.”

Boys II Men filmed their music video "Water Run Dry" here and you'll also probably notice a few scenes from here in Transformers 2.

Boys II Men filmed their music video “Water Run Dry” here and you’ll also probably notice a few scenes from here in Transformers 2.

Fortunately it went over well and I’m so humbled to have had that opportunity.  Out of the many speaking engagements I do each year, this certainly will make the top three.



I also of course got a chance to indulge a  little while I was in the Land of Enchantment.  There’s nothing like the real deal.   People always ask me what is New Mexico like?  It’s like a lot of places.  We have grocery stores and mountains.  Yes, it gets quite cold.



The food is phenomenal!


You have to make your own fun at times but, isn’t that almost everywhere?

Apparently NM has its own drink now.  In case you're wondering that's the Zia symbol which is on the state flag.

Apparently NM has its own drink now. In case you’re wondering that’s the Zia symbol which is on the state flag.


March on Washington: 50th Anniversary

Five decades after Dr. Martin Luther King shared his dream on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, I had a front row seat to history.MOW
On the 50th anniversary of the famous “I Have a Dream Speech”, I traveled to the nations capital to report from the March on Washington.  That was the story many of you saw on our newscasts, but wow where there some other great stories.

I rode up with a group of Roanokers on a chartered bus.  One person asked me not to put them on camera because they called in “sick” to work.  For this person, going to the march was that important.  They’d been alive during the 1963 march.  They were 15-years-old.  They wanted to go then, but like a lot of parents at the time, mom and dad said no, not sure if the March of 1963 would erupt into violence.

Hollani Davis and WDBJ7 Photographer Rob Chewning reporting from the March on Washington August 28, 2013

Hollani Davis and WDBJ7 Photographer Rob Chewning reporting from the March on Washington August 28, 2013

Another person I talked with while covering this story also didn’t go to the March in 1963.  At that time they too were a young adult.  The person candidly and bravely admitted their family was fearful of blacks. By nature, this person inherited some of those same attitudes and it wasn’t until later, they realized we’re not so different.

That was the beauty of yesterday’s event, to watch people of all races and religions gather at the National Mall in harmony.  There was so much bloodshed to get to this point and while we still have setbacks, reporting from the 50th anniversary was a picturesque moment that’ll be with me forever.

Just call me “Dancing Davis” (Video Included)

Let’s get the most pressing question out of the way.  No, I didn’t win.  However, the Salvation Army’s Turning Point won in a huge way this past weekend.

Dancing with the  Valley Stars brought in an estimated $28,000 dollars in profit for the local domestic violence shelter.

I had such a great time being one of this years “Stars”.  Kudos to my teachers Terry and Dawn Hall.  Terry and I cha-cha’d our butts off.  So much, so, I almost slipped at the end.  But instantly I reverted back to my cheerleading days and just kept hearing that inner voice say “Stick It, Stick It”.  I’ve also got to give credit to the professional teacher.   He held on to me pretty well.

CLICK THE LINK TO SEE ME DANCE  http://www.wdbj7.com/videogallery/73282825/News/WEB-EXTRA-Watch-WDBJ7-s-Hollani-Davis-routine-during-Dancing-with-the-Valley-stars

I had such a blast.  I do have to say though, the real “Dancing with the Stars”  on that network, not to be named, is definitely a lot harder than it looks.  Then again, those contestants practice 8 hours a day.  I practiced a total of about 4.

Thanks to all those including my sister and wonderful co-workers who came out to support.  Now, onto the next challenge, whatever that may be!

Miseducated. Misguided. Misled.

I took a couple days off before writing this entry, to how can I put this?  I needed to collect my thoughts. Earlier this week, one of our reporters (Elizabeth Harrington) covered a story about a man in Craig County who has a monkey in his front yard with a cut out face of President Obama.  (The monkey is also wearing an Obama t-shirt).  Needless to say, the man is not a supporter of the President.  I could honestly care less who he likes, but as an African-American the whole monkey thing he’s got going, is completely disrespectful.  I would say the same thing and feel the same way if someone put a big cracker in their yard with a cut-out face of Mitt Romney.

Still, for anyone who chooses to show their emotions this way, it is their First Amendment right.  The guy says he doesn’t get the hatred mentality that his monkey references.  He also says, he has African-American friends.  Personally, I’m not so sure about that.  Friends are different from acquaintances.   I find it hard to believe that African-Americans per se would be your “friend” when you outwardly show a kind of hatred and bigotry that ultimately led to the Civil War and later the brutality of the Civil Rights movement.

If you don’t like someone or what they stand for, fine.  However, when you start reaching back and pulling out centuries old symbols that ultimately led to bloodshed and still scars our country, that I believe is crossing the line.

Still, as I said, I do believe this man has a right to keep this display.  I also believe WDBJ should have covered this story.  Our job is to report the happenings in our community.  Good, bad, whatever you want to call it, we give you the news.  Some of our viewers didn’t see it that way.  Here are a few of the emails we received.

“The airing of a foolish man who dressed up a monkey to look like the President of the United States and hung it on a flag pole with a sign speaks volumes regarding the level of disrespect for the office of the President (regardless of who or which party) some elements of our society are propagating.”  ~Roanoke Viewer

“I think that putting the monkey with the Obama face on it on the news was uncalled for. Why would you give a person who did that credence? Even if it wasn’t racist, (which I’m not sure it wasn’t), it sure was done in poor taste and certainly not newsworthy.”           ~ WDBJ7 Viewer

“There was absolutely no place for that racist to be but on what use to be my favorite news.” ~Roanoke Viewer

I would love to hear your thoughts!

WDBJ at the White House

Hollani Davis interviews President Obama at the White House. Someone get me a box to stand on. I’m 5’1 1/2. The President is reportedly 6’1 1/2.

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Washington, DC with my news director and one of WDBJ7’s award-winning photographer’s.  We were invited to the White House to interview President Obama.
Before I go any further let me say this.  Yes it is an election year, and yes, we are very much aware that the President is trying to garner support.  I will also say, that our station would have also accepted an invitation to interview Mitt Romney if he was occupying the Oval Office.  But guess what?  Romney will be in Salem, Virginia on Tuesday, June 26th and we’ll be there!

Preparing for the 6PM Live Shot on the South Lawn. Gotta read over that script. No fumbling!

No matter your politics (and I will not divulge mine), going to the White House is an experience.  For me, it was a long and rewarding day.  7AM -12PM.  There was very little downtime.  Between touring the residence, going on a garden
tour, interviewing the president, meeting with several of his cabinet members and other staff, having lunch with his advisers, attending an afternoon press briefing, cranking out 4 stories, you didn’t know if you were coming or going.

Bo KNOWS how to bring in the crowd!

WDBJ7 Photographer Rob Chewning. Getting things set up! He’s the best!

Oh, and I forgot to mention the excitement of Bo (the presidential dog) coming out onto the White House Lawn twice!

Whether or not you like the President and his policies, being in the White House is incredible.

It’s American pride at its best.  You feel like you are watching history unfold right before you, and maybe that’s because in some aspects, you are.  White House staff aids, the Secret Service, even the kitchen staff are always on their A game.  By the way, shot out to the kitchen cooks.  The meal they served for lunch was incredible.

Hampton University alumna Danielle Crutchfield. We met freshman year. Today she serves at the pleasure of President Obama.


Getting it done at Hurt Park Elementary with Lolly Quigley (WDBJ7’s Director of Sales) and LaRell Reynolds (WDBJ7 Production Assistant)

I had the opportunity to do something today that really, I’m sure we could ALL do more of.  VOLUNTEER.  A couple of us from WDBJ7 took time out of our morning/afternoon for United Way’s Day of Service. Hundreds of companies let their employees participate in a community-based volunteer project.

We happened to be at an elementary school this morning.  My job?  To weed, rake, hoe and mulch!  What!  I’m not a yard girl, not by any means.  In fact, it was a kind of “learn on the job” assignment.  Did I mention it was 90+ degrees?  Yikes.

I left though with a feeling of accomplishment that only comes with service.  I realize this particular project won’t directly change a child’s life or anything of that magnitude; but, I helped my community.  Could you imagine how much better all of our communities would be if we all pitched in?

I Don’t Do Cats, But Bears…

Yes.  It is a real bear.  That’s the first thing I thought too.  Reporters never really know what to expect when they go out on an interview – to someone’s house no less.  When I walked into this particular house, I didn’t realize my eyes could get so big. The man who lives here is a hunter (duh – you say).  His collection is out of this world or maybe I should say country.  Not only does he hunt out West, he also travels to other countries.  Normally, I think I’d be freaked out by all of the animal heads on the wall and let me tell you, there were tons!  I had never seen a lot of these animals before and I definitely wouldn’t want to meet face-to-face with them if they were alive.