The Talk of the Town…

I have never cared about stink bugs until recently.  Heck, I don’t think I even knew what a stink bug was until recently.  Now, like the rest of Roanoke, I’m sick of them.  They are everywhere – including my house! 

We’ve had a bunch of emails over the past couple weeks from people complaining about the pests.  How do you get rid of them?  Why are they so bad this year and let me tell you, they are horrendously bad.  One of the  members of our production crew says he has thousands of stink bugs clamoring outside his house.  I’ve been telling him over the past few days:  “But Henry, they don’t stink!” Boy was I wrong?  Maybe my sinuses got the best of me, but they’re all clear now.  When you come across a dead one – you’ll know!

I don’t have tons of stinkers, but enough to make me want to keep my windows closed and that’s ashame since it’s been so nice outside.

As for how to get rid of them, News7 viewers have offered up their solutions. (What’s worked for you?).

1.) Take a bunch of cigarette ashes and soak them in water and spray it onto your house (YUCK!)

2.) Mix dish detergent and water and spray it.

3.) Mix ammonia and water and spray it.

4.) Wasp and Bee Spray should do the trick ( I tried it.  It works. But you have to keep spraying it).


One response to “The Talk of the Town…

  1. Hey Hollani,
    Just wanted to say that I’m so tired of stink bugs too! It’s been two seasons now that they have been around. Last year I was sitting in my recliner with my cold cup of Diet Pepsi beside of me. Looking at my laptop like I’m doing now, I realized that I was thirsty. Reached for my cup to take a drink and “wham”, I felt it pass between my lips. Sorry Hollani but they taste exactly, but a hundred times worse than they smell. You can just imagine this big ol’ redneck jumping out of his recliner and running to the bathroom. With the grace of God, and a quart of listerine, I was able to push it at least to the back of my mind, but let me tell you I definitely check everything I put to my lips now. Please check yours too. lol Please have a great day Hollani. I love your segments.
    Terry Lee Jones

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