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WDBJ Goes High-Tech

You may have noticed the anchors at WDBJ are looking down a bit more during the newscasts (instead of at the camera)?  Perhaps you’ve seen our pointer finger moving up and down?  That’s because we are rounding out our  second month using iPads in lieu of paper scripts.

At first let me tell you, there was a collective sigh.  It’s one of those things, “if it ain’t broke…”.  But we had no choice.  Our company, like every other business across America, is always looking to improve its bottom line.  Paper is expensive.  I’m told the news department alone goes through 33,000 sheets a year.  What is that,  a big ‘ole oak tree? Add on the cost for keeping 5+ printers going for 7 newscasts a day, ink cartridges etc. and boy does it add up.

So, it’s one of those things, you’ve gotta chance with the high-tech times.  The iPads have probably already paid for themselves in the past 60 days.  Another plus?  We’re being environmentally friendly.  The downside is, if the teleprompter crashes and we have to solely rely on iPads, Lord, help us all!


Yes…I’m Finally on Facebook

Here’s what one of my childhood friends had to say about me finally giving in last week:


Actually…. I think it has!  I’m finally on FACEBOOK after years of saying Never ever ever!  As I’ve always told people, I think Facebook is a great connector and a wonderful resource (especially for us journalist).  So why was I so opposed?  A) I really didn’t need another reason to be on the computer day-in and day-out.  B).  I’ve seen the addiction Facebook causes.  C)  I really do my best (yes my best) to not be a snoop.

Oh well, I’m on now at the request of my boss.  Facebook is an easy way for me to stay in touch with our News7 viewers and for you to have access to me!  (FULL DISCLOSURE:  This is me saying this … not my boss)

I plan to put up some pic’s you won’t see on my blog from time to time.  But I will intertwine the two on occasion to get your feedback!

If you’re not already, I hope you’ll consider being my friend!  Just be patient with me.  I’m still learning how the whole thing operates, but I promise to respond!

News7 at 11’s New Addition

Folks…we’re cookin’ now!

Say hello to my new co-anchor for News7 at 11 Chris Hurst.  Chris also sits alongside Jean Jadhon for News7 at 6 .

I’ll tell you what.  If you haven’t already, it’d be worth your time to stay up late with us.  One thing I can say about  Chris is that he has tons of personality! When you mix that with mine, you never know what’s going to happen.  Last night, he was spilling corny jokes (at least one viewer caught on and sent us a Tweet which we read live during the newscast).  Look for us to do a lot more of that.  We are constantly talking to you and to each other.  We want you to talk to us!

We’re both young, fun and extremely passionate about what we do.  Our goal each night is to get you caught up on the most notable events of the day and let you know what will help you out as you prepare to start the next day.  Here’s the thing, we know 11 P.M. is late, and that’s why we’re not going to bore you.  Stay tuned for our banter (some nights will be more lively than others – especially when Grant Kittelson is in the mix).

Stupid or Savvy?

While I was in Washington D.C. last week for President Obama’s inauguration I learned something new from two of my co-workers.  Not only are people speaking in acronyms these days —

“OMG” for “Oh My God”, “LOL” for “Laugh Out Loud”, “SNF” for “So Not Funny” and “NMF” for “Not My Fault” –

The new fad is for people to take one word and abbreviate it altogether.

Example: fab vs. fabulous, obvi vs. obvious, perf vs. perfect, phenom vs. phenomenal

One of the photographers at 7 (Lauren – smile) says she’s very guilty of this though I’ve never heard her. Personally, I think it stupid and somewhat comical.  Savvy?  I think not.  Has our society become so lazy we can’t say the whole one or two syllable word?  Does it really save less time to say fab instead of fabulous?  I understand the importance of abbreviations when you’re text messaging but other than that…give me a break!

Okay. I’m off my soapbox now.


It’s got to be one of my favorite things to do at work!  I absolutely have a ball checking out our website and seeing all of the comments viewers’ post about the stories we’ve covered.  Let me tell you, it’s not boring to say the least.  Depending on the topic (and there are a lot of them), people really get fired up!  If you can get past some of the gibberish and misspellings…it’s a riot to read!

There’s one person in particular though who always makes many of us here in the newsroom laugh and curious to say the least.  Who is that person?  KWAMI.  This virtual ghost leaves posts on every single story and I do mean EVERY story.  A lot of us want to know…who is this man?  Does he have a job because clearly he finds time, everyday to give his two cents.  And, it seems we reporters aren’t the only ones who’ve gotten used to Kwami making his cyber appearances.  Other frequent “posters” often greet him and talk to him like they go way back.  Kwami’s even felt compelled to tell us all when he would be disappearing for a bit because he was going off to get married.  I guess he knew we would wonder where he was.  What I’m wondering is “WHO IS HE?”

Would the real Kwami please standup?  Inquiring minds want to know!