Where are your manners?

smileYou know, I’ve been conducting my own little experiment over the past two weeks.  It’s amazing how many people walk right past each other (the only two people in sight) and don’t say “Hello” or “Good Morning”.  It’s also amazing how rude people are when they’re the customer; for instance, trying to check into a hotel.

What I’ve always known, but realize even more is the words “Hello” or “Good Morning” can be a gateway to getting you a lot of good stuff. Maybe the hotel clerk looks out for you in ways he/she might not have.  Maybe, you just really saved someone from having a lousy day.  If opening your mouth and speaking is too much, what about a smile?  I just don’t get it when people pass each other and look away or look down.

I really think something this simple could truly change our society for the better.  Perhaps if people were nicer to each other, you wouldn’t have some kid walking into an elementary school and shooting up dozens of people.  Being rude has become the norm, not the exception now-a-days.  It’s truly and utterly ridiculous.

My challenge to you?  Try it and even if the person doesn’t reciprocate, you will feel better about yourself.


What Are You Superstitious About?

superstitionsCan’t you hear the Stevie Wonder song ….

The fact of the matter is we all have superstitions.  I find it funny too, because even though I don’t really believe in (all) of them, I find myself doing things to avoid getting jinxed.  Here are a few I’ve learned over the years:

1.  Don’t sweep over someone’s foot or cross over their leg (bad luck)

2.  Eat black-eyed peas on New Years Day (good luck/prosperity)

3.  (This one is from a good friend of mine).  Don’t buy your girlfriend/boyfriend shoes, they’ll walk out of your life.  Also, don’t buy them a watch because time will run out on your relationship

4. Don’t walk under a ladder (bad luck)

5.  Don’t split a pole (bad luck)

6.  Don’t break a mirror (7 years of bad luck)

7.  Avoid black cats (bad luck)

8.  It’s bad luck to leave the house through a different door than the one you came in from.  (WDBJ7 Producer)

9.  Step on a crack…break your mother’s back

10.  Kiss a clock  i.e.  1:23am/pm  12:34am/pm 1:11am/pm (good luck)

Now let’s here some of your superstitions!

Did you turn down FREE money and not even know it?

How much is in your blue envelope?

How much is in your blue envelope?

I covered a story that really stuck with me recently.  Not because someone died or anything doom and gloom.  In fact, it was quite positive.  It made me realize, as human beings, we expect the worse in each other.

Employees at a local credit union are handing out free envelopes over the next month.  Inside  are $5, $10, $20 and in some cases $50 tucked in the blue envelopes.  There’s no gimmick to get you to sign up for an account.  No strings attached.  Seriously, it’s free money.  It’s their way of paying it forward and hoping others with do the same.  Amazingly enough, as I followed some of the employees who were trying to hand out the envelopes, people didn’t want to be approached, some quickly made a u-turn.  They thought they were going to hear a sales pitch.  Many simply didn’t want to be bothered.  Even though the employees quickly said, “I just want to give you some free money” and tried to disarm them with a smile (typical sales technique)…EVERYONE was skeptical.  Hey, I was at first!

What I realized is how many people missed out because they didn’t just take a second to stop.  Then there are people who didn’t miss out and were so shocked and thrilled.  It’s incredible how $5 can brighten someone’s day.  The best gifts are the ones you don’t expect after all right?

I’ve heard stories of people paying for someone else’s lunch with their new found fortune.  One man got an envelope in a coffee shop and turned around and bought someone else’s coffee.  Someone is donating their money to an animal shelter.  And some people kept it, deposited it or bought their own lunch.  (Nothing wrong with that either).

I just think the whole concept is pretty cool and made me think, we truly do expect the worst in people.  When someone approaches us saying no strings attached, we don’t believe them.  Most of the time, people are lying.  It’s rather sad don’t you think.  So for a business to do something nice and expect nothing in return (other than getting their name out there), it’s definitely inspiring.


Men vs. Women: Forward March!

war helmetOh to be a fly on the wall inside the male barracks where our U.S. service members live!

Last week, the Pentagon announced a rather progressive and controversial move when it decided to allow women to hold combat positions.
This argument has been around for a long time.  The old school of thought was that it would never happen.  It did.

I have never served my country, so I will say upfront, I am writing this blog with limited knowledge.  I do know several people who currently serve and served.  I hold their opinion with the highest regard.

There are many male service members who are vehemently opposed to the change.  First they argue HYGIENE.  I say…Bologna!   Yes, a woman does have her “time of the month”, but if all of y’all are out there in 105 degree heat, none of you will come up smelling like roses.  I passed a man at the gym this morning and let’s just say I’ve never smelled an odor quite like that.  I hope it never infiltrates my nose again.  This is 2013.  There are so many advances in medicine that if a woman was to serve in an “elite” group, she could probably get that whole “cycle thing” taken care of (so it wouldn’t be a factor) for a few months.

The next argument is strength/endurance/stamina.  I’m told a man by nature is simply stronger.  Maybe that’s true.  My thoughts on that though…go to a CrossFit class and tell me there aren’t women who can’t hack it.

The third reason I’ve been given as to why women shouldn’t be able to hold combat positions is because if they become a P.O.W. in a country that still views females as second class citizens, the hell to pay will be even more painful than what a male would endure.  That is a pretty fair argument; however, if a woman chooses to go this route to serve our country, she’ll be aware of all this.  It becomes her choice.

As one former marine put it, a bullet knows no difference between gender when you are on the front lines.  I salute any woman who takes the first step to sign up for  combat.  Physically or mentally she is facing odds that certainly aren’t in her favor.  But then again as women, don’t we always?


Here I am sportin' my natural do on vacation

Here I am sportin’ my natural do on vacation

Last week, Rhonda Lee, a meteorologist in Shreveport, Louisiana was fired after she responded to an offensive comment made on her stations website.  It specifically had to do with her short “ethnic” hair.

I’ve addressed my thoughts on viewers who write malicious emails attacking anchors/reporters in past blogs,  so I won’t do that today. What I do want to address is the hair thing.

I for one commend Lee for wearing her natural hair on television because the truth is, I have been to chicken to do it.  I’m still one of dozens of black anchors who goes through the long tedious process of getting my hair “blown-out” each week at the salon.  I let the perm go a long time ago in attempt for a healthier coiffure.  I love my natural hair.  I love the easiness of it. I love the curls. I even love when it turns into an Afro.  Usually, when I’m off of work for a week, you’ll catch me going natural.

Last year, I surprised my co-workers with my natural do at our annual Christmas party.  I was preparing for a huge OMG moment on their part, but I got so many compliments.  In fact, my general manager encouraged me to sport the look every now and then on the anchor desk.  When he said that, my jaw dropped…honestly it did!  The truth is, while the WDBJ7 staff was more than receptive, I don’t think all of our viewers would be.  Call me a coward, but I just haven’t been willing to deal with the negativity and nasty comments it could create.  At least not so far.  I will tell you, I’m seriously thinking about it.  One day you might turn on WDBJ7 and see Hollani Davis all NAT-UR-AL!

The Revelation….

I LOVE everything about Christmas, well almost.

Beautifully decorated Christmas trees make me happy!  Hot chocolate with marshmallows satisfy my taste buds as I try to survive the winter chill.  I love snow (as long as it doesn’t snow too many times or create thick layers of ice that lead to electrical outages).

Oh yea, back to what I love.

I love the true meaning of Christmas and the gift of salvation it represents.  I love giving gifts and seeing the reaction from those opening my presents.  I love, LOVE Christmas treats, especially decorating cookies.  I love how the mall seems to come alive with shoppers in a way that only happens around Christmas time.

But here’s the thing, I had a revelation while I was sitting in a waiting room today and there was no silence to be had.  I think I pretty much hate Christmas music!  It’s only November 28th and I’m about sick of Christmas songs.

There’s “Santa Baby” and “Jingle Bell Rock”.  You’ve got Christmas carols by the Chipmunks which sound like nails on a chalkboard.  They play on the radio over and over and over again.  Give me a good Boys II Men rendition of Silent Night and I’m cool, but the annoying tunes that have to do with Frosty and Rudolph…I can do without.

Am I a Grinch?  No, I would go that far, but I am counting the days until we can go back to our regularly scheduled (music) program.  Until then, thank goodness for CD’s.

Just call me “Dancing Davis” (Video Included)

Let’s get the most pressing question out of the way.  No, I didn’t win.  However, the Salvation Army’s Turning Point won in a huge way this past weekend.

Dancing with the  Valley Stars brought in an estimated $28,000 dollars in profit for the local domestic violence shelter.

I had such a great time being one of this years “Stars”.  Kudos to my teachers Terry and Dawn Hall.  Terry and I cha-cha’d our butts off.  So much, so, I almost slipped at the end.  But instantly I reverted back to my cheerleading days and just kept hearing that inner voice say “Stick It, Stick It”.  I’ve also got to give credit to the professional teacher.   He held on to me pretty well.

CLICK THE LINK TO SEE ME DANCE  http://www.wdbj7.com/videogallery/73282825/News/WEB-EXTRA-Watch-WDBJ7-s-Hollani-Davis-routine-during-Dancing-with-the-Valley-stars

I had such a blast.  I do have to say though, the real “Dancing with the Stars”  on that network, not to be named, is definitely a lot harder than it looks.  Then again, those contestants practice 8 hours a day.  I practiced a total of about 4.

Thanks to all those including my sister and wonderful co-workers who came out to support.  Now, onto the next challenge, whatever that may be!