Men vs. Women: Forward March!

war helmetOh to be a fly on the wall inside the male barracks where our U.S. service members live!

Last week, the Pentagon announced a rather progressive and controversial move when it decided to allow women to hold combat positions.
This argument has been around for a long time.  The old school of thought was that it would never happen.  It did.

I have never served my country, so I will say upfront, I am writing this blog with limited knowledge.  I do know several people who currently serve and served.  I hold their opinion with the highest regard.

There are many male service members who are vehemently opposed to the change.  First they argue HYGIENE.  I say…Bologna!   Yes, a woman does have her “time of the month”, but if all of y’all are out there in 105 degree heat, none of you will come up smelling like roses.  I passed a man at the gym this morning and let’s just say I’ve never smelled an odor quite like that.  I hope it never infiltrates my nose again.  This is 2013.  There are so many advances in medicine that if a woman was to serve in an “elite” group, she could probably get that whole “cycle thing” taken care of (so it wouldn’t be a factor) for a few months.

The next argument is strength/endurance/stamina.  I’m told a man by nature is simply stronger.  Maybe that’s true.  My thoughts on that though…go to a CrossFit class and tell me there aren’t women who can’t hack it.

The third reason I’ve been given as to why women shouldn’t be able to hold combat positions is because if they become a P.O.W. in a country that still views females as second class citizens, the hell to pay will be even more painful than what a male would endure.  That is a pretty fair argument; however, if a woman chooses to go this route to serve our country, she’ll be aware of all this.  It becomes her choice.

As one former marine put it, a bullet knows no difference between gender when you are on the front lines.  I salute any woman who takes the first step to sign up for  combat.  Physically or mentally she is facing odds that certainly aren’t in her favor.  But then again as women, don’t we always?


2 responses to “Men vs. Women: Forward March!

  1. Let me begin by saying that I believe in equality and giving everyone a chance to make their dreams a reality. With that said not all dreams can come true. The question of the day is allowing women to serve in combat roles in the Army. I agree with the marine that a bullet doesn’t know gender, nor does it know race or sexual preference. However years of research have shown that gender is a factor in ones physical abilities. If that were not so men and women would have the same physical standards with all military occupations. We are aware of women that can meet and even exceed those male physical standards, but that is only one variable. Yes, hygiene is an issue. It’s not as simple as taking some medicine to stop a menstrual period for a few months. These soldiers are placed in extreme conditions that are not conducive to being able to stay even remotely clean. A woman will need to address her hygiene far sooner than her male counterparts to remain combat effective. In these elite situations this poses a threat to the team. Each have to “use the bathroom,” which works quite differently for each. That brings up the issue of how to accomplish this while maintaining security. This also opens the door for allegations of rape and sexual misconduct. We must consider man’s nature to protect a woman. Most men would run to help a female in distress with no regard of their own safety. But I will have to say that any woman making a decision to pursue a combat role has been made aware of and accepts the challenges it may bring. In short if she can meet the standard let her serve in it. I’m sure we will know very soon if it doesn’t work. You never know she just might surprise you.

  2. My son went into the toughest special ops training there is. He and his teammates are opposed to women on the teams because of the physical and mental challenges. Not that a woman cannot be just as tough or smart as the men but that the team mentality will suffer with a mixed team. That knowledge that if you are wounded of killed your teammate will run in and carry your 180 pound body to safety. Could a 140 pound woman do that? Could the woman crawl across the sand with the sand rubbing off the skin from the top of your chest to between your legs. The infection possibility is a real threat. The guys say that an all female team might be possible, but a mixed team will not work.

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