The Revelation….

I LOVE everything about Christmas, well almost.

Beautifully decorated Christmas trees make me happy!  Hot chocolate with marshmallows satisfy my taste buds as I try to survive the winter chill.  I love snow (as long as it doesn’t snow too many times or create thick layers of ice that lead to electrical outages).

Oh yea, back to what I love.

I love the true meaning of Christmas and the gift of salvation it represents.  I love giving gifts and seeing the reaction from those opening my presents.  I love, LOVE Christmas treats, especially decorating cookies.  I love how the mall seems to come alive with shoppers in a way that only happens around Christmas time.

But here’s the thing, I had a revelation while I was sitting in a waiting room today and there was no silence to be had.  I think I pretty much hate Christmas music!  It’s only November 28th and I’m about sick of Christmas songs.

There’s “Santa Baby” and “Jingle Bell Rock”.  You’ve got Christmas carols by the Chipmunks which sound like nails on a chalkboard.  They play on the radio over and over and over again.  Give me a good Boys II Men rendition of Silent Night and I’m cool, but the annoying tunes that have to do with Frosty and Rudolph…I can do without.

Am I a Grinch?  No, I would go that far, but I am counting the days until we can go back to our regularly scheduled (music) program.  Until then, thank goodness for CD’s.


6 responses to “The Revelation….

  1. Hi Hollani, I am glad you love so many things about Xmas, however do not like very few things, , in a scale of measurement you are in a very healthy frame of well-being.excellent.

  2. I work at the USPS, and even though December has not even started, we are sick and tired, fed up, you name it, with the phony Christmas music. I loved Burl Ives in The Big Country movie, but if I hear his version of “Have a Holly, Jolly, Christmas …” one more time, I will get very sick. Now if we were only allowed to hear REAL Christmas music, such as O Come All Ye Faithful and O Little Town of Bethlehem and Silent Night, that would be different.

  3. I love Christmas music.Begin playing it in August. I have to agree that there are some pretty funky songs today. Silent night, Holy Night etc. Are beautiful. Be selective.

  4. I see a theme in your writing. It’s consistent and quite apparent. As a white male, if I had a similar theme tying my blog posts together I’d be an ignorant bigot. Personally, I’m not a fan of Christmas tunes either, be them from The Beach Boys, The Chipmunks or even Ray Charles or Nat King Cole.

  5. Tune your radio to BBN at 98.5 FM and you will only hear tradional Christmas carols….beautiful, inspiring music that glorifies Christ from Dec. 1 through Christmas and several days afterward.

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