When was the last time…

When was the last time that you received something that cost less than 60 cents and it made your day?

In my line of work, I hear from our WDBJ7 viewers a lot.  It happens when I’m out in public or I’ll get a telephone call.  Of course there is Facebook and yes, plenty of emails.  Every now and then I get a letter; but, it wasn’t until recently, I realized how appreciative of letters I am (especially when they are handwritten).

A viewer wanted to thank me for a recent story I did about a woman reuniting with the former State Trooper who came to her rescue some 30 years ago.  That trooper was the one who wrote the thank you note.  It wasn’t long, just a couple of sentences. However, that was enough! To feel appreciated, to know  someone took time out of their day – in age when people don’t even speak when you pass them on the street – that’s pretty special.

So I ask, when was the last time you received a good ‘ole fashioned hand-written thank you letter?  Better yet, when was the last time you wrote one?


One response to “When was the last time…

  1. craig setliff

    Wow been a long time since i got one even longer since i wrote one . Thanks for makes us all think about the little things that touch peoplelives everyday. You are a very rare person , the world needs more people like you. Have a blessed day

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