WDBJ Goes High-Tech

You may have noticed the anchors at WDBJ are looking down a bit more during the newscasts (instead of at the camera)?  Perhaps you’ve seen our pointer finger moving up and down?  That’s because we are rounding out our  second month using iPads in lieu of paper scripts.

At first let me tell you, there was a collective sigh.  It’s one of those things, “if it ain’t broke…”.  But we had no choice.  Our company, like every other business across America, is always looking to improve its bottom line.  Paper is expensive.  I’m told the news department alone goes through 33,000 sheets a year.  What is that,  a big ‘ole oak tree? Add on the cost for keeping 5+ printers going for 7 newscasts a day, ink cartridges etc. and boy does it add up.

So, it’s one of those things, you’ve gotta chance with the high-tech times.  The iPads have probably already paid for themselves in the past 60 days.  Another plus?  We’re being environmentally friendly.  The downside is, if the teleprompter crashes and we have to solely rely on iPads, Lord, help us all!


One response to “WDBJ Goes High-Tech

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