Getting it done at Hurt Park Elementary with Lolly Quigley (WDBJ7’s Director of Sales) and LaRell Reynolds (WDBJ7 Production Assistant)

I had the opportunity to do something today that really, I’m sure we could ALL do more of.  VOLUNTEER.  A couple of us from WDBJ7 took time out of our morning/afternoon for United Way’s Day of Service. Hundreds of companies let their employees participate in a community-based volunteer project.

We happened to be at an elementary school this morning.  My job?  To weed, rake, hoe and mulch!  What!  I’m not a yard girl, not by any means.  In fact, it was a kind of “learn on the job” assignment.  Did I mention it was 90+ degrees?  Yikes.

I left though with a feeling of accomplishment that only comes with service.  I realize this particular project won’t directly change a child’s life or anything of that magnitude; but, I helped my community.  Could you imagine how much better all of our communities would be if we all pitched in?


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