From Ten Commandments to Six?

There is a saying that’s often used in the sports world “All or None”.  It’s pretty self explanatory.  However, this week, a federal court judge in Roanoke suggested when it comes to the Ten Commandments, it doesn’t have to be all or none.


First a little background.  Giles County High School is in the middle of a legal battle over the Ten commandments.  Should the school be allowed to hang them on the walls?  Most in the community says yes, but at least one student and parent along with the ACLU say no.  This week the judge in the case said there might be a compromise.  That is, to hang six of the Commandments and NOT the other four that contain the word God.

This just might be another story that lands Virginia on the national news (including the late night comic circuit).  I don’t know about you, but I’m always amazed when people pick and choose what they want out of the Bible or any religion for that matter.  I understand the judge is trying to appease both parties, but is this the way to do it?

If you believe the Bible and take it as law, Jesus said in John 14:6, “If you love me, keep my commandments”.  It doesn’t say keep the ones that work for you or keep the ones that aren’t controversial.

I’d love to hear what you think about this.

I’ll go back to the saying All or None?


9 responses to “From Ten Commandments to Six?

  1. Mz Kitti Wright

    What in the world was the judge thinking, must less the people who ridiculously conjured this situation. Now! Let me ask you this. DO YOU LIKE TO HAVE OR SPEND MONEY??
    Well~~Doesn’t it say: IN GOD WE TRUST. Hummmm?
    So what’s the problem with GOD, on your money?
    Separating the 10 Commandments means re~adjusting all that GOD meant for us to live by…in this cruel, cruel, world. And removing anything with His name on it is sinful. Amen? Amen!

  2. Melissa Richardson

    Well said, Hollani. Thanks for stating the Word, the Truth…

  3. Patricia Long Carey

    Well Hollani as my daughter just said this morning who are we to change God’s commandments, he gave us ten to follow and we should not take out what we don’t want. If that is the case then why not change things in the bible also that we don’t like Having God’s commandents in our lives keeps us all on track, all ten of them and having them in the schools is a great reminder for the children as well as the teachers.We need to do something to keep God in our lives. It makes you feel like he is being tossed aside and that we don’t need him for anything. He’s our maker like it or not..

  4. Let’s put this into perspective. We want to teach our children that same sex couples are ok. We want them to not be stereo-typed or discriminated against for race, creed or color. We want to have the freedom of free speech and want our students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. We want to swear or Affirm on the bible in a court of Law and tell how the Pilgrims (Christian mind you) celebrate the day of Thanksgiving. Irony; the Ten Commandments posted in plaque form is offensive to one student. In reality, the real thing is not the offense. This is a venue for public attention to the cause of the ACLU and is just plain old Rhetoric.

  5. I think that this one child in this one school is trying to make a name for him or her self. In a few more years; the way things are going, there won’t be any mention of God in the public eye,then it will be the forum of the minority leading the majority. If this one student and their family were shipped to a school where there were no rules to guide them or the teachers. No values, everyone gets to do as they please. A place where they have it their way. I’d venture to say that this student would still object, because everyone is just like them . they’d be the first one to complain when one of their class mates just wanted to see what it would feel like to take this student’s life. Technically it’d be alright, beause that killer was just expressing their belief’s. and the dead student’s parents couldn’t object, because they helped do away with the inherit freedom of choice. Ever wonder why plow and race horses have blinders ? It’s to keep them from being distracted from the straight and narrow rows. So the simple solution would be for warning signs on the celing, floor and walls proclaming ” close your eyes, religious symbol ahead.

  6. Are they doing away with the one about coveting your neighbor’s wife’s ass?

  7. It is ironic that no one recognizes this strategy. it is straight out of the Bible,
    I kings 3:25 KJV
    And the king said, Divide the living child in two, and give half to the one, and half to the other.
    Maybe the judge is trying to see who cares the most!

  8. Hollani, you are absolutly right; when Jesus said if you love me, keep my commandments, me meant everyone of them, especially those which refer to God. Because after all, if you don’t love God, how can you love your neighbor?

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