*BUTT* What?

Eighteen people are left homeless after flames rip through Cedar Point Apartments on April 3rd.

Is it ignorance?  The I-don’t-care attitude?  Perhaps it’s the mentality that it’ll never happen to me?  Whatever it is, it’s upsetting!  The other night, someone started a major fire at an apartment complex in Southwest Roanoke County because they tossed aside their cigarette, thinking it was out.  There were some neighbors who were less than forgiving.   Who could blame them?  They lost everything because of someone else’s stupidity.  I’m all for believing and making honest mistakes, but how many wildfires have been started by people “improperly discarding” their cigarettes?

At my first reporting job in Texas, I covered a huge fire in Cross Plains, Texas.  Nearly 120 homes burned.  Two people were killed when they got trapped inside their home.   The cause?  Someone flicked a cigarette out of their car window during the middle of a drought.

I was driving behind someone the other day when they flicked their cigarette out of the window.  It irks me to no end.  When are some of you out there going to learn…don’t play with fire (even if it’s wrapped in a tiny cigarette)?


6 responses to “*BUTT* What?

  1. I totally agree with you! Too many people are careless and at the expense of other people’s property! It is a shame what happened yesterday. I wish I could do something to help these poor people. I just pray that they will find new homes soon and that they will be able to move on. Thank God that no lives were lost!

  2. it’s sad that we live in a world of so many people who do not care about or any one or any thing,,some people don’t even care about their self,,

  3. wanda overstreet

    Makes me sick to think what caused that fire, this person should be charged and have to pay for this. I hate smoking have
    lost family to lung cancer and family that has heart attacks from smoking.

  4. It is horrible this happened! The thing I do not understand is how was it started with a cigarette when they are all firesafe now! I have seen people lay them in the astray where I work come into the store by the time they go back out it is out!

  5. Susan Hetherington

    I feel sorry for all concerned. In one way I think the person should be made to pay and on the other hand I am sure, or would at least hope, that they feel horrible about what happened. I am a former smoker and I always tried to be careful when putting a cigarette out. It depends on where they put, or threw, the cigarette I am thankfull that no one was hurt or killed.

  6. Patricia Davis

    I agree with you, throwing a cigarette out of a window is the same as littering ,and should be illegal.

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