I Don’t Do Cats, But Bears…

Yes.  It is a real bear.  That’s the first thing I thought too.  Reporters never really know what to expect when they go out on an interview – to someone’s house no less.  When I walked into this particular house, I didn’t realize my eyes could get so big. The man who lives here is a hunter (duh – you say).  His collection is out of this world or maybe I should say country.  Not only does he hunt out West, he also travels to other countries.  Normally, I think I’d be freaked out by all of the animal heads on the wall and let me tell you, there were tons!  I had never seen a lot of these animals before and I definitely wouldn’t want to meet face-to-face with them if they were alive.


2 responses to “I Don’t Do Cats, But Bears…

  1. Patricia Long Carey

    Hollani I felt so bad when I saw this picture, I love bears no matter what size. I have over two hundred stuffed bears that I have been collecting for years, starting with the Leggie bears. Seing this big beautiful bear makes me sad to think someone could kill a beautiful animal like that.Killing a bear for sport should not be allowed.

  2. GIRL…thatz the biggest Bear ever. lol Ive got sugar bears all over my bedroom. But I’m afraid that one wont fit. LOL

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