A Hard to Swallow Subject

This weekend while cooking for several of my co-workers, I found myself praying, “Please Lord, don’t let this food make them sick!”

If you’re like me, your are extremely paranoid with all of these recent food related illnesses.

Cantaloupe – Listeria

Ground Beef – E. coli (Ground Turkey earlier this year)

Lettuce – Listeria

Spinach Dip – Listeria

Turkey Burgers – Salmonella

Strawberries – E. coli

Papaya – Salmonella

Eggs (2010) – Salmonella

It’s really quite scary when you think about it. Especially since I eat all of the foods I listed above. I’m especially bad at eating things with raw eggs in it (cookie dough, brownie batter – yea, I still sneak it a spoonful every now and then).

I think about the families who’ve lost someone from one of these tainted products. How devastating is that? “My brother died because he ate cantaloupe for breakfast.” Is this the new norm? Washing food is preventative measure but more and more that’s not even the answer.

Fortunately, none of my co-workers got sick – at least they were all at work today!



3 responses to “A Hard to Swallow Subject

  1. Some times it seems the farther we go in life, there will still be ant’s at the picnic, or those of us who are white who still think that the Rebel Flag means ” Born To Raise Hell ” like the two white guys that chained a black man to their truck and dragged him to death ; seamingly just because he was black . To me, this is where the Bible should be emplemented in meating out the punishment. An Eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. Crimes against humanity deserve a fitting end in this day and time. I think the framers of the Constitution would agree . I know there are those that say those two men need to be put to death by a sleep induced IV. I have three words for those people. Bo Lon Ey, Hitch them to the bumper of a pickup, and let an old white guy like me that drives slowly down the highway looking for Yard Sale Sign’s; speeding up just for passing zones, and after a hundred miles or so, turn around and go back for the other one and repeat the process until justice is done, Here on earth, and then on judgment day, there won’t be much of those two to cast into Hell.
    Like you Hollani, I’ve seen alot of bigatory in my years. But now that I have a mixed race Grandson, I’ve learned to look deeper into a person than their skin. I would be proud to be seen with you on my arm anywhere inAmerica !!

  2. Hollani I know its scary but stop and think about it years ago farmers used just good ole pellet fertilizer now days they use human feces from the sewer plants to fertilize the fields and then wonder where all these diseases are coming from I live in franklin county and in the spring and the fall there are all these big tankers they look like gas tankers but they are crap tankers coming over here to spray these fields it nasty and it stinks awlful but the government swares that its clean . I’m sorry crap is crap and there isn’t no cleaning to it.And the wonder where the disease comes from!DAH………………… How stupid can u b some states have banned this form of fertilizer I wish VIRGINIA was one of them.

  3. Another thing about fruits and vegetables this time of year are coming into this country from other countries; that still use DDT or other pestacides some of which can’t be washed off even at the laundra mat.

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