Oops! Your Mic is Hot!

Every blue moon, we folks who bring you the news have an episode. We think our microphones are off and they’re not! Fortunately my mishap wasn’t too brutal. (Like getting caught talking about a President in the bathroom.  Remember that?)

What this incident did bring up is a question many viewers often ask when I’m out and about running errands. “What do you all talk about during the commercial breaks?”

(Link has expired)


One response to “Oops! Your Mic is Hot!

  1. Hollani just wanted to tell you that your new hair cut, your make-up and the colors you wore tonight, all combine to make you truly lovely. (I am a 74 year old grandma).Today is the 22nd. you are creating your own niche on WDBJ. Keep up the good work and your laughter soft and you will go far.

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