The Best Meal I Ever Had

I was so ready to get through with this last commercial break. The food segment was next and anyone who knows me knows I love great food!

The title of this next blog probably should look more like this.: (The best meal I ever had other than my mother’s green chile enchilada’s, my friend in Augusta, Georgia’s fried fish, my college roommate’s breakfast potatoes, and my Aunt Betty’s potato soup).  A little too long of a title if you know what I mean.

This past week, a lot of the News7 crew went to The Greenbrier for the Greenbrier Classic (PGA Golf Tournament).  At the end of the 11PM show, the executive chef of the resort came out and let my co-anchor and I sample some of their inexpensive signature items.  You may not pay a lot for them, but the taste is not lacking in the least.  The friend green tomatoe sandwich was unbelievable and the sweet potato fries…I kid you not, the best I ever had.  The dessert – specialty peaches in homemade whip cream.  One word, Sensational!

Here's me and my co-anchor with Executive Chef Extraordinaire Richard Rosendale

If you are ever in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, it’s worth your time and your money to eat at of the Greenbrier’s restaurants.  Just don’t eat ahead of time!



One response to “The Best Meal I Ever Had

  1. There’s more to the Greenbrier than just an excellent golf course and fantastic food. Back in the fifties when everyone in schools was learning about ” Duck And Cover”; and many homes were building bomb shelters, Washington decided it might be a good idea to have a Fail Safe place for the Government to hole up if those pesky Russian’s ever decided to nuke America. They knew beyond any doubt that Washington, D.C. was first on their target list. In order for the government to survive and order a nuclear response. A large underground bunker was constructed under the Greenbrier with gigantic blast proof doors, and a railroad spur had to be built to deliver the doors, chained to the front of the train engine. Plus this would provide adequate transport for the government officals and their families to hole up. It came complete with about a thousand Bunks, and a number of kitchens, A ( then) state of the art radio and TV broadcast capabilities .Probably way before your time, back when TVG cameras had to be manhandled and weighed over a hundred pounds . So the survivors of the government could communicate to the military and set the minds at ease for the few civilian survivors that had ample warning could hunker down in their home made Bomb Shelters. Many of which were just ordinary septic tanks burried under a few feet of lawn in the back yard. But then came the Cuban Missle crisis, and America knew then that all this had been in vain, for a Missle launched from Cuba would only give all of government about 10 minutes to gather their Golf clubs and board the last train from Washington to the Greenbrier. Your Friend in West Virginia, Jerry Byrd

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