Me, an animal hater?

So I think sometimes I get branded in our newsroom as an animal hater!  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Well, hold on, let me be honest.  I love dogs.  I loathe cats!

The thing is, when I was leaving Chipotle (had dinner there Monday night), I saw a dog left in the back of a car.  (8PM = 85+ degrees) Are you kidding me!  Half of the country is under some kind of extreme heat advisory.  We are complaining left and right and about how hot it is.  Do you not think a dog, left to fend for itself in the backseat of the car isn’t just as hot?  Common sense folks, we all know it’s even hotter in the car, even if the windows are slightly cracked.  If you don’t believe me, put a chocolate candy bar in the seat when you run into the grocery store.

Let me say, had the owners not walked out, I was about 15 seconds away from dialing 9-1-1.  I’m not a nark, I’m not a snitch, but in this particular case I would’ve been…gladly!


2 responses to “Me, an animal hater?

  1. I’m not an animal hater either, but what is wrong with society if a law is passed for people leaving an animal in a hot car (Salem, VA); however, no law has been passed for leaving a child in a hot car (an incident that just happened and the toddler died). So animals are more important than a human life?? A child that cannot take care of itself?

  2. Wouldn’t that be covered under something like child endangerment?

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