Talk About Anxiety…

I asked for two inches to come off.  My hairdresser took off about 4!  Needless to say I was shocked!  I found myself looking in the mirror for hours on Tuesday night (I was off that day).  Then, when I finally went to bed, I tossed and turned wondering “what are the viewers going to say”? You know “WE”, and yes I say we, tend to be so judgmental!  News7 fans either love it or hate it!  There’s no in between and shyness is not even in your vocabulary.  People tend to remember a few things when they watch our newscasts.  Every now and then, it’s the stories, but a lot of times it is the chit-chat, the fumbles and our wardrobe (make up and hair included).

So thanks to everyone for being so supportive.  Here are just a few of the comments I’d like to share:

“WOW! I’ve never written to any of you TV gals/guys before this evening, but I couldn’t resist telling you my opinion of your hair – it’s very flattering!  Now I need to decide what to do with mine! HA!”  ~Fran

From  a News7 Producer:  A woman called to compliment your new hairdo.  She says you could be the Michelle Obama of the state of Virginia, and that she hopes you marry a president.

“Hollani,  My husband and I just wanted you to know that we love, love, love, your hair.  We enjoy your broadcasts and reporting and hope that you will be with WDBJ for a long time to come.  We also think that you are the smartest dresser on any of the local stations.  Just wanted you to know how much we like you, and your “new” hair. ” ~ Mitzi and Rick Evans Roanoke

“Ms. Davis…My wife and I have always commented on how attractive you are and the great job you do as a journalist. Your new haircut is a PLUS! It makes you look more radiant, and I think it makes you look younger. Keep up the good work. Oh, and this is from a 65+, old, white boy.”  ~John in Rocky Mount

“I recall one of your blogs being about big hair in Texas.  Just wanted to let you know that the short ‘do is a good one.”   ~Phil & Sandy Toth  Floyd, Virginia


6 responses to “Talk About Anxiety…

  1. You have that “ticked off ” look about you in this photo . Why ? The new style looks great . You Go Girl !!!

  2. Melissa Richards

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new hair!!! You look fab as always!

  3. I also have a hairdresser who thinks it’s never short enough but in your case it really looks great… don’t stress, it’s only hair!!!! By the way, you’re doing a great job. Hope you’re around for a long, long time!!!!

  4. love the new look … ! also must compliment you on your total appearance… very put together and love the colors ! … your rock … Your competition on the other local channel could take some tips from you! … their drab jackets and blouses need to go!… get some life into their clothes and their on air personalities! ….

  5. I realize I’m late commenting but I love your hair, Hollani! You are definitely looking good! You do a great job reporting as well.

    Susan in Martinsville

  6. Woman you are Beautiful (low hair, long hair, green hair, etc.) Love the hair!

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