Yes…I’m Finally on Facebook

Here’s what one of my childhood friends had to say about me finally giving in last week:


Actually…. I think it has!  I’m finally on FACEBOOK after years of saying Never ever ever!  As I’ve always told people, I think Facebook is a great connector and a wonderful resource (especially for us journalist).  So why was I so opposed?  A) I really didn’t need another reason to be on the computer day-in and day-out.  B).  I’ve seen the addiction Facebook causes.  C)  I really do my best (yes my best) to not be a snoop.

Oh well, I’m on now at the request of my boss.  Facebook is an easy way for me to stay in touch with our News7 viewers and for you to have access to me!  (FULL DISCLOSURE:  This is me saying this … not my boss)

I plan to put up some pic’s you won’t see on my blog from time to time.  But I will intertwine the two on occasion to get your feedback!

If you’re not already, I hope you’ll consider being my friend!  Just be patient with me.  I’m still learning how the whole thing operates, but I promise to respond!


One response to “Yes…I’m Finally on Facebook

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