News7 at 11’s New Addition

Folks…we’re cookin’ now!

Say hello to my new co-anchor for News7 at 11 Chris Hurst.  Chris also sits alongside Jean Jadhon for News7 at 6 .

I’ll tell you what.  If you haven’t already, it’d be worth your time to stay up late with us.  One thing I can say about  Chris is that he has tons of personality! When you mix that with mine, you never know what’s going to happen.  Last night, he was spilling corny jokes (at least one viewer caught on and sent us a Tweet which we read live during the newscast).  Look for us to do a lot more of that.  We are constantly talking to you and to each other.  We want you to talk to us!

We’re both young, fun and extremely passionate about what we do.  Our goal each night is to get you caught up on the most notable events of the day and let you know what will help you out as you prepare to start the next day.  Here’s the thing, we know 11 P.M. is late, and that’s why we’re not going to bore you.  Stay tuned for our banter (some nights will be more lively than others – especially when Grant Kittelson is in the mix).


One response to “News7 at 11’s New Addition

  1. You’re a great news anchor. I’m getting used to Chris being on there. I thought things were fine with just you but I’m open to change. 🙂 Anyway, thanks for your hardwork. We’re lucky to have you in our area.

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