Had a blast this weekend when the Wheel-mobile rolled into town!  I used to love me some Wheel-of-Fortune.  Turns out, a lot of people still do!  For many of them, auditioning for the game show was a life-long dream and I had a great time being apart of it.  More than 2,000 folks we estimate came out to Roanoke and Danville for try-outs.

Many of the players were excellent!  One guy guessed the entire puzzle with just one letter on the board.  When you’re good, you’re good.  (Maybe there’s a bit of luck involved in there somewhere!)

Anyhow, thanks for spending your Saturday and Sunday with us.  What a delight to get out and meet so many amazing people who were taking their “Fortune” into their own hands.


One response to “Wheel…..Of…..Fortune….

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