The World Will End…..Saturday!

The first time I drove past the billboard on my way to work, I got a good laugh!  Really.  It’s the beginning of the end (of the world).  Okay…maybe.  That may not be so far-fetched if you look at everything going on around us.  What’s crazy though is that some group out of California thinks they can predict the end of the world down to the exact date.

One of our reporters did a story on it this week.  It was number one our website for frankly who knows who long.  It’s what people are talking about.  We’ve heard these things before you know.  My mom heard it when she was a little girl.  I remember thinking the same when I was small and being terrified.  What’s different (for me anyway) is that these groups are putting money into their campaign.  According to them, Judgment Day is Saturday.

I’m not poking fun at anyone. Let’s be clear, but what happened to the theory:  No man will know the day or the hour.  Or let’s try…He’s coming back like a thief in the night.  I guess you have to actually pick up a Bible to get that message.

Either way, this could be my last message…for all of us!  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog as much as I’ve enjoyed blogging!

See ya Monday!


One response to “The World Will End…..Saturday!

  1. Hey there Hollani,

    First, I want to say that I really enjoy your daily blogs. Please keep them coming!! As for Saturday being Judgment Day, I still have my flashlight and hazmat suit from Y2K :). As humans, there are times that we can become fearful of the things we can’t control. The day or time in which humanity meets eternity falls into that category. We can’t control weather but we can prepare for it. Same here. We don’t know when our last day will be but we can live each day to the fullest. Be faithful not fearful!!

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