The Headlines Heard ‘Round the World

It’s the stuff of fairy tales.  Finally, this weekend I got to watch the Royal Wedding in its (entirety).  I did get up at 4am to watch the coverage of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s nuptials but I didn’t make it past 4:15a.m.

Anyhow, what is it about this royal wedding that had most of us females (especially us single gal’s) enamored?   I think it’s because this story, while somewhat of a fairy tale – complete with a prince, princess and castle — is also a story of real life substance.  Here’s a couple who met and were simply friends.  They fell in love.  He walked away (when his boy’s kept telling him he was too young to settle down)…and then he fought to get his woman back.  Yea, there were probably some trust issues and a whole lot of mess to overcome, but you know what?  They did.  True love can stand the test of all time!  We single women (and married women I’m sure) would like to think a man would and least try to move heaven and hell to be with us.   At the end of the day, love can conquer all!  Will gave Kate an entire kingdom.  Most of us…just want a man’s heart lol!

Now to the next news headline.  My mouth fell open when I turned on the 11PM Newscast Sunday.  What!  Osama bin Laden…DEAD!  I was flabbergasted.  I love Army Wives (the show on Lifetime).  I particularly love the character who is a part of the Special Black Op’s team.  It’s not that I love the character per say, but the mystery of what he does.  Swooping down on the bad guys, flushing out the moles, being the best of the best.  To the real life Navy Seals who took out bin Laden and DIDN’T get hurt…impressive is not even the word!   As President Obama said to the nation last night…”America didn’t choose this fight”.  Like it or not though, we are in it.  God Bless the United States of America.


One response to “The Headlines Heard ‘Round the World

  1. Enjoyed your blog, Hollani. The handsome prince is not my type, but I do agree that William and Kate are a special couple. As for your comments about the death of bin Laden, I couldn’t agree more. We have the best military in the world, and we are a blessed nation. As those who know me are fully aware, I think President Obama rocks and have thought so from day one. After the weekend’s events, I couldn’t be prouder of him…..and of the fact that I am an American.
    May you be richly blessed in all you do!

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