Will the Real Alumni PLEASE Stand-up?

If money makes the world go round, can't the same be said for money and Higher Education?

I had the opportunity this weekend to facilitate a panel discussion about how many college students aren’t giving back to their Alma Mater.  The national president from my alumni chapter (Hampton University) was on the panel, as well as a representative from Virginia Tech and Roanoke College.

It seems, older alumni (The Baby Boomer generation and beyond) have no problems writing a check to their institutions.  It’s we younger folks who aren’t giving back.  I am guilty…until now.

I’ve always said, oh next year, oh next, year.  However, for many of us, our financial situation may never be “RIGHT” and guess what?  Our schools need the money now!  This couldn’t be more true for private schools and especially HBCU’s.  Believe it or not, tuition (as high as it is)  doesn’t even begin to cover all the basics.  Schools are still struggling to keep adequate programs in the classroom.

Here’s the thing, you don’t have to write out a $1,000 check each year.  $10 a month will suffice.  What’s really important is for these schools to be able to prove they have a large alumni donor base.  That way, when they go to big corporations asking for money or grants, they can show former students are invested too!  How can we ask someone to invest in something that was beneficial to us if we won’t even invest in it?

For me this recent discussion was beneficial and now I’m asking all of you, no matter what school you went to:  Will the real alumni PLEASE stand-up?


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