Trust No One (Local Man gives Women HIV on Purpose)

When I heard this story in our afternoon meeting I was flabbergasted.  A local man was in court for intentionally infecting a 20-year-old woman with HIV.  He was sentenced to 5 years!  Lawyers say that’s likely a death sentence for him – they don’t expect him to live much longer.  But here’s the clincher…this is not the first time Carlos Rose has done this.  He also infected two local teenagers with the virus! (In one of those cases he received a 50 year prison sentence).

I wonder – even at your maddest state – what makes a person do such an evil thing?  In a sense, I guess Rose is no different from terrorists.  And yet, there’s something about this situation that makes the hairs on my neck stand-up.  This man knew what he was doing – he purposely did it.

The lesson:  You have got to be careful even inside your own bedroom.  Lust isn’t worth it.  Lust fades.

Rose’s sentence comes days before National Week of Prayer for HIV.

Local pastors get educated on HIV and AIDS so they can educate others in the Roanoke Valley

I attended an event put on by a local pastor this week where health officials presented some startling statistics.  Every hour, 6 people are infected with HIV.  That means after an 8 hour work day 48 people have been infected.  In Virginia, health workers estimate there are close to 5,000 folks walking around here and don’t even know they have HIV.  Talk about scary!  Like I said….Trust No One!


One response to “Trust No One (Local Man gives Women HIV on Purpose)

  1. Hollani,
    You are so right! Everyone needs to really think about who they’re with because we never know. There also needs to be more done to combat the stigma of HIV/AIDS, which is still a huge problem even though the disease has been around for 30 years.
    I lost one of my best friends in 1989, and his illness and death were horrible — physically and emotionally. His family also went through a living hell.
    Thanks for your blog and the great job you always do…..and be blessed.

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