The “TIPPING” Point

So the holidays are long gone which means the task of getting small thank you gifts for people who do little odds & ends for you is long past.  The thing is, has it really?

I don’t carry cash on me.  I can’t keep it around long enough.  It simply burns a hole in my wallet.  Which means and I can admit this (painfully so), I don’t always tip unless I can do it on my debit card.  I was getting my car washed this weekend and it slipped my mind — I don’t have anything for a tip.  Next thing you know, I felt terribly guilty.  But should I?

I know everyone is doing what they can to make a living these days and that’s respectable.  The thing is, every time you turn around, you have to tip someone.  I get tipping waiters and waitress and I do more than the 15 percent.  But these days, you have to tip for your manicure/pedicure, you have to tip to check in your luggage curb side at the airport, not to mention the guy that drives the airport shuttle to get you to curb side.  I think I’ve even seen people tip the airline attendants at the check-in counter inside the airport.  You tip your hairdresser and the babysitter.  You tip the pizza delivery man and  don’t forget the taxi-driver and the dry cleaner.  My question is, aren’t a lot of these fees built-in?

Seriously here, I’m not trying to be stingy but if you add it up, you can pay out more than $100 dollars in a week.  Like I said, I get that folks are trying to make it and that many rely on their tips.  But for many of my friends that I’ve had this conversation with, frankly, we’re at our tipping point.


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