The Most Happenin’ Place In Roanoke…

Okay, so if you’ve checked out the new Walmart in Clearbrook, you know it’s social hour central.  I had a chance to get over there this weekend and it was quite hillarious!

It was almost like being in an airport and watching all the people pass by.  You check out people’s clothes, listen to their loud banter on their cellphone, watch their hurried little feet try to make it to the gate.  At Walmart…the same thing.  People were so excited!  I was ready for a few of them to break out in song and dance.  Not to mention, people were so nice to each other.  In Walmart, that’s usually not the case.   It’s more like would you and your cart move out of my way?

Something else I observed, the store had more than 15 check out lanes open!  I guess that’s all part of the grand appeal for the grand opening.  How long do you think that, along with the friendly customers, and clean aisles will last?

Either way, Walmart welcome – because truly its the only store where you can buy milk at the same time you get your car serviced, nails done, pick up a ceiling fan and order a casket at the same time.  The only thing you can’t do is get your dog groomed….yet!


One response to “The Most Happenin’ Place In Roanoke…

  1. christopher dudley

    Hi Hollani, Christopher Dudley here. I just wanted to leave a comment about the accident that happened on 220 the other nite in boones mill. Ive noticed that their having viduals for two of the victims from that crash. Well as i see it there were three victims and id just like to say. The way i understand it is that Doni the guy that caused the accident was drinking and driving. He is also related to my family. My neice Lacey is his daughter. Accidents happen for many reasons and its especially bad when people get killed. However in this accident three people got killed and to me and most of the people i know see that as three victims not just two and it just upsets me that people wana always blame someone else. Yea it may the other persons fault but when everyone dies. Its a tragdity and everyone needs to understand that people become addicted to alcohol for many different reasons. And once they do they are victims of alcoholism. People need to wake up and realize that as long as the federal and state government sale alcohol then things like this will forever continue happening. If you dont want people te get killed from drinking and driving then stop selling alcohol. Yes its also called resposibility when you choose to drink and/or choose to drink and drive. This nite i can honestly say that he wasnt being responsible, but that doesnt mean that he wasnt a victim..

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