New Year’s + Miami + Virginia Tech = Happy 2011

Live shot along one of Florida's many beaches on Jan. 2, 2011

As you can tell just from the title, I’m talking about a triple threat here. 

 First of all, Happy New Year!  There’s something about a New Year that renews us all don’t you think?  This year, I spent New Year’s Day in Miami (catching an EARLY flight). 
I had a great time covering the Orange Bowl with Travis Wells and Chris Miles.  I’ve never really aspired to go to a college bowl game – but I jumped at the chance.  It’s quite impressive in so many ways aside from the actual game itself. 

Say hello to Betty & Lindsey Floyd! A few of the wonderful Hokie fans I got to meet

The tailgating (and VT fans go hard), the media-events, the quick tv deadlines it makes for a RUSH!  One of the best parts of being in Florida was the weather.  I think it averaged 73 degrees?  It was refreshing especially after Virginia’s bitter cold winter.  How many weeks until summer again?


2 responses to “New Year’s + Miami + Virginia Tech = Happy 2011

  1. Hey how are you didn’t realize you were that short (Ha!! Ha!!) Well don’t worry about it you down here with me !!(Smile) Dont forget Feb.22, at the Black history Program held at Franklin County Library.Start at 7p.m. Sponsor by :Darlene Swain ……Come by if you are Free .Oh, Happy Be-late Valentine Day! God bless You!!!
    Your Friend ,
    Kathy Grant

  2. don;t talk to the president please come home you will make things worst and it is…..J. —– He will not listen to you..

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