Kids Do the Darnest Things


Look at the little boy on the right. At least someone loves my reading!


One of my favorite things to do when asked to make community appearances is ….READ TO KIDS! 

To see their faces when you’re reading, well, it can’t help but make you excited.  It’s also a reminder that the simple things in life can leave you with a “feel-good” feeling.  Thanks to the folks over at Westside Elementary for inviting me to participate at their reading day at Barnes and Noble.

Well if you can't raise your hand, raise your shirt!


One response to “Kids Do the Darnest Things

  1. Hollani,

    I congratulate you on your new position at Channel 7. They made the right choice. I enjoy watching your perky way of presenting the news. I admire you for you involvement with children. May I ask you a personal question on a very hot topic, abortion. Do you think it is fair to see all those young people you are mentoring and yet many are left out because they never had an opportunity to be in school because they were killed in the womb. Many future doctors, scientist, TEACHERS, etc.that could contribute much to society, including the cure for many diseases will never have that chance.
    Your opinion please!

    Fred Gerald
    Floyd County

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