A Monumental Day at Monticello

So tell me….what’s wrong with this picture?  Better yet,  what’s right?  If you rewind the clock back to the 1700’s, this photo of the three of us  would’ve never been possible at Monticello.  Not only was the “Big House” home to Thomas Jefferson, it was home to hundreds of slaves. 

I’m glad to say Justin, Susan and I (the WDBJ7 crew) were able to visit this piece of history together.  

News7's Justin McLeod and Hollani Davis

This is actually my second time visiting but Susan and Justin wanted to go see it for themselves and  so we made the trek to Charlottesville.  A great time had by all.  Then again, anytime we’re together, we know how to cut up!

Susan of course, wasn’t all that interested in the history of America’s 3rd President.  Quiet frankly she just wanted to know about Jefferson’s romance with Sally Hemmings (Jefferson’s slave girl).  Let’s just say the tour guide didn’t elaborate on that enough, much to Susan’s chagrin.  After our tour, we went for pizza.  Bet they didn’t serve that in 1776.

T.J. is no match for the three of us!


3 responses to “A Monumental Day at Monticello

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