On any given day you can expect an entertaining debate to spark a “friendly” rift among the reporting staff at WDBJ7.  (See folks, this is the stuff you don’t get to see on TV). 

This morning’s debate centered around the new X-ray scanners at select airports across the U.S.  Like a number of people, many in our newsroom feel that having to walk through an X-ray machine is too invasive.  They’re not all that pleased about the “touchy-feely” pat down either.  In fact, Susan Bahorich just came from talking to passengers  at Roanoke Regional airport.  To let you know just how opposed some folks are, one passenger, who wouldn’t go on camera said: “I’m not letting anyone touch my tits or butt.”

The pat-downs by the way are extremely extensive (at least that’s what’s being pitched).  One argument in the newsroom is surrounding many of the people who are giving them…TSA Agents.  The requirement to be a TSA agent is a high school diploma or a GED.  Experience operating X-ray equipment is also encouraged.  Perhaps, any “Average Joe” (even a child predator) could qualify to pat you down.

Look, my thought on it is this.  I certainly am not thrilled about someone filling me up (as one of our producers said: they should at least buy you dinner first). However, if it’s going to keep me, my family and friends from becoming the next victim of a future Christmas bomber…pat me down! 

It’s appears at least concerning this newsroom debate, I’m in the minority.  A lot of people feel like “Big Brother” is becoming too hands-on.  Maybe, but don’t turn around and complain when something catastrophic happens.

Sidenote: The X-ray machine has not made it to Roanoke Regional Airport (or as Bill Cosby called it Roanoke “International” Airport), so expect to get frisked.



  1. Very Concerned Citizen

    Hello, On xmas day I seen an accident that upset me very much! A snow plow hit a driver. Ive also been told that the police have not spoke with the driver that was hurt very very badly. In fact, from the info that i have gathered from a person at the corner store they also indicated to me that they were never asked any questions as well. IN FACT, it took the officers at least 10-15 min to even get to the drivers car to make sure that he was okay. I can go on and on about this BUT i wont. What I do know is that this individual needs a lot of attention about their case. Ive also been told that he was a 4.0 student and part time worker attending class missed no days up until his horrible accident!!! One thing that i will mention however is that it was also told to me that the person hurt real bad got hit by a snowplow going extremely over the speed he was suppose to be going at the time. NOT ONLY THAT, but he was “suppose” to be scraping the road and his plow hit the passenger side and quarter panel???? ALSO was thrown into the air by this machine!!! Not hit across the pavement BUT THROWN!!! PLEASE HELP MY FRIEND!!!

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