Is Your Mail Going Where It Should Be?

This past week I did a story about a new crime that has moved in to the Roanoke area.  Thieves are getting desperate and bold!  Nearly three weeks ago, someone reached into one of those big blue mailboxes in front of the main post office in Roanoke and stole some mail. 

I spoke with one of the victim’s a few days ago who had his $515 mortgage check stolen.  The culprit cut off the victim’s routing number, made a new check for $850 and went on a shopping spree at the Lynchburg Walmart.

(Click here to check out the story)

Without giving much away, I’ll only say that the criminal(s) are rigging the mailboxes so when you drop your letters in, they don’t fall to the bottom.  It gives them easy access when they drive up behind you and pull your mail out.

Since the story aired, I’ve had a couple of phone calls (from viewers who are simply paranoid – but with good reason.  At least one person however says his insurance check went missing the same day the first victim’s check was stolen.  Fortunately, he had enough sense to cancel the check about a week later.)

It’s unclear how many folks have been impacted by this stunt.  The postal hierarchy won’t know per say until people come forward. It’s a crime though that all of us could easily fall victim to.  I guess it pays to look into your rear view mirror — even at the post office.


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