A Mosque Near Ground Zero?

Let me preface this blog by saying I know this is as touchy of a topic as it gets.  I myself have been fascinated about the ongoing debate playing out over the proposal to build a mosque a few blocks away from ground zero in New York. 

A CNN poll reveals 70% of American’s say the mosque shouldn’t be built there.  Twenty-nine percent say  it should.  Here’s the thing, how can we as American’s tell someone (or a group) they can’t build a worship center in any building that is up for sale?  Being that the “First American’s” founded the country on religious tolerance and freedom, being that the “First American’s” bravely ventured into unchartered land to escape England’s tyrannts…doesn’t the idea of telling someone “NO” some 200 plus years later seem backward?  

Bottom line, if we are going to live by and uphold the constitution, we can’t waiver when it doesn’t fit our opinion (though we know people challenge the law everyday).   Our constitution starts with three words “We the People”…meaning ALL people.  Keep in mind, just like we can’t say all Blacks are crack heads  and all Whites are trash, we can’t feed into the stereotype that all Muslims are terrorist.  As my colleague (Chris Hurst) put it, by allowing the mosque to go up near ground zero, wouldn’t that be the ultimate slap in the face to the monsters who tried to tear our country apart on 9-11?

Just something to think about…


6 responses to “A Mosque Near Ground Zero?

  1. Sounds like you dont agree with your colleague Chris hurt. And I have never heard anyone say “Blacks are crack heads and all Whites are trash”, sounds like you are the one perpetuating that stereotype. I also don’t think that all Muslims are terrorists, but on the other hand I have never heard the Muslims denounce the radical islamists either. How would you feel if the Klux Klan built a meeting hall next to a black church after all (in your words) ” Our constitution starts with three words “We the People”…meaning ALL people”

  2. I agree with Renee, you shuold be ashamed of yourself Hollani, you say “doesn’t the idea of telling someone “NO” some 200 plus years later seem backward”. I guess then you wouldnt have a problem then if someone wanted to build a liquor store next to your house because by your logic it would be wrong to tell them no. No one is telling them they can’t build a mosque but their choice to build at the 9/11 site is a real slap in the face to all the pople who gave up their lives for that tragedy. But liberal reporters like you don’t understand that i guess

  3. I disagree with you both. Renee, you mention that Hollani would not like it if the Klu Klux Klan built a meeting hall next to a black church. For one thing, the Klu Klux Klan would not want to build a meeting hall next to a black church because they would feel that they are too “good” for that and remember the Klu Klux Klan was/is a secret organization and would not want anyone to know who they were. But Black/African American individuals had to accept the fact that the Klu Klux Klan had marches down streets in prodominently black neighborhoods and no one came to the rescue of how the “Blacks” in the neighborhood would feel. No one cared about the sensitivity of the African Americans. It was allowed because there was no law that could stop it. Just like there is no law to stop the Muslims from purchasing a building near ground zero…”They are just being insensitive”…….. Give me a break!

  4. Give me a break Deborah, I did not say that the KKK was going to build a maeeting hall next to a black church. I was using as an analogy (I hope you know what that word means), which by Hollani’s logic we should not be able to tell them know since ” “doesn’t the idea of telling someone “NO” some 200 plus years later seem backward”. Also by her logic then all zoning laws should be abolished since we shouldn’t have the right where then can or cannot build something.

  5. Renee – If you’ve never heard “the Muslims” denounce terrorism, you’ve never listened. And for the record, they’re not a collective hive-mind. Just because some Muslims are terrorists, doesn’t mean they all are – so it’s not really their responsibility to constantly point out that they’re not the same so that bigots know the difference. We don’t demand every Christian denounce the Oklahoma City bombing, we don’t demand every member of the tea party denounce the guy who flew his plane into an IRS building, etc.

    And the kkk analogy is ridiculous. You’re comparing Muslims to the kkk for no apparent reason. One is a religion and the other is a hate group. It’s a very poor choice.

    Joe – I’d say the same thing to you. Building a liquor store is not the same thing as a mosque. These are poor analogies. But where you’re really wrong is saying that a group of Muslims building a community center is bad because a completely different group of people committed an act of terror. Did you not know they were different people? Let me clarify it for you: The 9-11 terrorists were a part of Bin Laden’s terrorist group. The community center is being paid for by a part-owner of Fox News. That’s right FOX NEWS.

  6. Shanny Boy
    you have been drinking the Liberal Kool Aid I can see, you must have got it from Hollani! The point that everyone is making is that not that the Muslims cant build a mosque in NY city (which they right to buiild), but building it near Ground Zero is a slap in the face to those who were murdered that day by the radical islams! Osama Bin Laden is probably laughing at us knowing we are plan to build a mosque right near where they destroyed the world trade centers.

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