A “Peachy” Kind of Weekend

Here I am hosting the Little Miss Peach Pageant

Like many other anchors and reporters, I get quite a variety of invitations from folks in the community, asking me to attend this event, speak at this function, host this shin-dig.  Some I do to be nice, some out of obligation and some invitations I accept because I want to.  Emceeing the peach festival I wanted to.

I’m on a diet so you can imagine the sheer torture of being surrounded by peach cobbler and every other peach dessert but I’m proud to say I managed. 

These are about the only peaches prescribed on my diet

But that’s not why I accepted the engagement.  I accepted because A, the proceeds benefit the Northwest Child Development Center, a great daycare/education program that provides a service to parents who are trying to get on their feet and make ends meet.  Not everyone can afford to pay astronomical fees for day and after school care and so my hats off to them for doing what they do.

Little Miss Peach 2010

The second reason I accepted the invite, is because of the Little Miss Peach Pageant. These little girls (about 8 of them ranging in age from 2-12) were too cute!  Everyone’s favorite color (at least on this day) was purple.  Many of the contestants aspire to be “big girls” when they grow up.  Oh, when that was my biggest aspiration lol! Remember when life was so simple, so peach keen?


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