The Temptation of Texting & Driving

So, the law prohibiting drivers in Virginia from texting while behind the wheel has been in existence for about 13 months now. 

Could’ve fooled me!   No matter the time of day, it seems like when I’m driving there is some driver next to me twiddling their fingers on their phone.

We all know the dangers and yet there is something about that phone buzzing and the urgent need to pick it up and respond.  Recently I did a story on how effective the new state ban is. 

One viewer put it this way in regards to the temptation to text: 

 “I think that we are now part of a culture that has forced us to feel that every bit of new information we get is phenomenally important and very very necessary,” says a Roanoke driver.

The truth is, I’m guilty and I hesistate to admit it, but I am guilty.  I am trying to stop altogether though because I don’t want to endanger anyone including myself.

It makes you think though…what the heck did we do before cellphones?  We WAITED and our society was more patient for it!



One response to “The Temptation of Texting & Driving

  1. YOu should be so totally ashamed texting while driving. Think of the victims that have bene killed by drivers like you! Is that what it is going to take for you to stop!

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