My Dad…My First Love

Me & Dad - 1st Birthday

Like many daughters, my father is the first man I’ve ever loved.  He’s been my protector, my counselor, at times a friend and possibly my biggest cheerleader (along with my mom).  He’s also the man who loved me unconditionally since day 1.

Our love affair has lasted more than two decades.  At times, it’s been a turbulent affair (because we’re both head strong), but we always make-up.  He is my dad after all and you only get one.

On this Father’s Day I’ve found myself thinking, what makes my dad the best?  Is it that despite the fact he never got his man-child he never loved my sister or me any less?  Is it that he’s trekked across the country more times than I can count, to help me move?  (Oh yes, he packs, he carries furniture down the stairs, loads it into moving vans and drives wherever the wind blows me.)  Perhaps it’s because my dad is just that cool guy.  Everyone wanted him to be their dad growing up (sometimes, to keep him from bugging me I would’ve gladly given him up for a few hours.)

Well, I love my dad for all of these reasons, but most of all, I love my dad because he’s just that…MY dad.  Yesterday, Today and Always.


2 responses to “My Dad…My First Love

  1. Hollani I really look forward to your new reports on the weekend. I think you are very good at your job and I admire you as a journalist. Keep up the good work and please don’t leave anytime soon. Oh by the way I like the hair shorter.

  2. I can’t believe how much you look like yourself still.How cute,nothing like Dad’s and daughters.

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