Is it Just Me?

Okay.  So I admit, I’m not a professional movie critic, but I know what I like and I know what I don’t.  And let me say, Hollywood has been letting me down lately.  I remember when summer (granted summer is still three weeks away) used to have me salivating to get to the movies and not for the popcorn.  Even the lineup this past winter was seemingly dull.  

This past Friday I saw “Sex in the City 2″…I wasn’t impressed. Neither was my sister or my co-worker Susan Bahorich.  It looked like the writers were desperately scrapping together a story line.  Some parts, don’t get me wrong were funny, but the sequel in no way lived up to the first movie (most don’t, I know I know).

Went and saw “Robin Hood” the week before.  Ya, not what I was hoping for at all when you think of a Russell Crowe movie.  He was good but the plot was all over the place.  It certainly wasn’t the Robin Hood I remember reading as a child.

And then there’s “Dear John”.  This movie I rented since it just came out on DVD. (No, I haven’t advanced to the age of ordering it off my cable box but I do love the “Red Box” at Kroger! )  I thought the movie was fabulous.  I know people compared it a lot to “The Notebook” and while I think that was a great movie too, “Dear John” wasn’t a disappointment.  I would love to see a sequel but then again, that’s what I said about “Sex and the City”. 

I know the big Twilight series is about to drop another movie next month I believe, but overall…Hollywood must still be in a recession or asleep at the box office.


3 responses to “Is it Just Me?

  1. Gee I thought you were supposed to be a news reporter not a movie critic

  2. It doesn’t take a movie critic (do they have college degree programs for that?) to realize that Hollywood has become lazy and predictable in their choice of scripts to produce. How many re-dos and remakes can they churn out while ignoring original ideas?

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