(Excuse the title of the paragraph but frankly it’s the best I can do).

The March rate in Martinsville and Henry County combined is almost 17%

Five hundred and 30 people — will soon be out of a job at Stanley Furniture in the Henry County area.  Less than three months ago I interviewed the president of the company who was oh so sure this longtime staple wasn’t headed overseas.

Boy oh boy the tune has changed.  When the news came down last Wednesday (5/12) I was crushed.  I’ve never lived in Martinsville, never worked in Martinsville, but I’ve been there enough to know the folks there depended on this place for their survival.

For hundreds of people, Martinsville and Henry County is home.  A home frankly that has little left to offer.  “Natives” sometimes get offended when you call it a “ghost town” but let’s be real…the area resembles one in so many ways. 

Now this…It Sucks!  Where are these 530 employees supposed to go? The unemployment rate is already in the double digits!  It’s sad, and for me as a reporter who’s gotten to know so many hard workers down there – it’s an outcome that’s caused even my heart to sink. 




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