Immigration: A Two-Sided Story

Chances are you’ve heard the chatter by now.  I’m talking about the new immigration law down in Arizona.  The jest of it is this…police have the right to question anyone about the status of their residency to filter out any and all illegal immigrants.  One way authorities will be able to do this is by asking for proof of status.  Here’s a copy of the bill

It’s as touchy of a topic as it gets.  The saying…there are two sides to every story truly applies to this story.  Growing up in Las Cruces, NM, I lived very close to the border.  As a reporter in Texas, I’ve also traveled to Del Rio, TX (a border town) for unprecedented access (at that time) to US Border Patrol Agents as they patrolled nearly every form of transportation imaginable to stop illegals from entering the country.

Imagine this…Mexican mother’s so desperate for a better life for their children, they’ll swim a dirty river just before their water breaks hoping to plant their feet in America before giving birth.  THEY know the risk.  They know THEY may drowned before ever crossing the river killing themselves and their child.  To them however, it’s a risk well worth it. What does Proverbs say?  Blessed are the merciful…

On the flip side, America’s so taxed, how can we possibly afford to continue stretching our resources?  Yes, for those who take this side of the argument – you’re quick to point out, how you work for a living and abide by the rules and everyone in this country should do the same.  Hey, I work for a living and I don’t mind helping someone in need though I DO believe there comes a time when everyone  has to help themself.

The repercussions of this new law needless to say will be interesting to watch.  Will America’s criminal system be maxed out even more as police go around locking up immigrants?  In case you didn’t know, they’re not always deported right away.  What about the healthcare system?  You can bet many immigrants needed access to medical care before they got caught – they’ll surely need it when they get caught.

It’s not a clear-cut issue, but if you think it is I urge you to read “The Tortilla Curtain” by T. Coraghessan Boyle.  If anything I believe it will give voice to a  group of people we so often don’t hear from.


2 responses to “Immigration: A Two-Sided Story

  1. It sounds to me that there are more problems created than problems solved. Good blog.

  2. Good blog very objectionable unlike your co-worker Susan, read her blog! She doesn’t have a problem with people being here illegally as long as we don’t trounce on their so called “civil rights.” hey if you are here illegally you have no rights. If you want be to treatedfairly then go through the process to be an American citizen!

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