A Weekend With The Girls

Posing with my friend Chantel and sister Courtney

Sometimes in life, we tend to look at all of the things we don’t have and forget to focus on the things we do have.  I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family that know when I need a little “girl time”.  This weekend my friend Chantel (she’s lives in Richmond) and my sister Courtney (She’s in college at Hampton University) dropped what they were doing just to come hang!  Laughs, tears, and late nights…we had it all…if only for the weekend.  

Where’s the map? It doesn’t look like this on TV.

Chantel and Court came to the station Saturday evening to watch one of the shows.  Of course the green weather wall is always a favorite with visitors.  Geography or not, knowing where to point (even if you have a clue where a certain city or state is located) can be a little tricky ha ha!   

Anyhow, I say all of this to remind you even though the gift giving season is over, don’t just celebrate the people you love on holidays and birthdays.  And always, remember what you DO have because some people don’t even have that.  

So this picture looks possessed but Meteorologist Jay Webb was in a mighty creative mood.




One response to “A Weekend With The Girls

  1. Three very lovely ladies!!!

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