Courtesy of David Young (News7 Viewer)

Wow!  Two weekends, back-to-back of snow here in Southwest Virginia. 

Looking at it, it’s so beautiful, but it’s also done some beautiful things. 
Yesterday on News7 at 11 we introduced you to one neighborhood where parents and children got a chance to spend some quality time together sledding and building snowmen.  One parent described it as a nice break from the routine “rut”.
      I can say, this snow has also brought a few special people my way….my neighbors.  I tend to be somewhat of a private person around my house, but my next door neighbor….twice…has freely come out and shoveled my driveway while scooping his.  How amazing is that?  Another neighbor helped me one Saturday when my car got stuck in the snow.  And yet, another neighbor offered his drive-way to me this last weekend so it would be easier for me to hook up with a primary road (where the plows have made their mark). 
     Neighbors helping Neighbors.  Had it not been for the snow I might have just continued to smile and wave.  I’m grateful for the experience mother nature brought our way and grateful to be surrounded by some “ALL-AMERICAN” kind-hearted folks!

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