Loyalty Can Prevent Layoffs

To see all the detail that goes into making this furniture is to understand why it cost a few pennies more

There are two things (fitting to this story) that my mother taught me growing up.  1) Don’t buy cheap clothing  2) Don’t buy cheap furniture.

Stanley is a name I’ve known for a long time.  As a child, my mother would buy that any day over the cheap flimsy stuff.   It might take a few pennies more, but quality counts and it goes a long way.

As a reporter, I was also impressed that Stanley’s President & CEO Glenn Prillaman allowed us into the plant – considering the story we were there for had to do with 190 people getting laid off. (Heck, even if it was a positive story, a lot of company exec’s don’t let the press in.) 

Anyhow, let me tell you about the wonderful folks that work at Stanley.  Some of them have been there  for 30 years or more (yea, that’s dedication).  For many, Stanley is a generational thing.  That alone is why these people take such pride in what they build.  That, as well as, it’s American MADE and we all know that’s a rarity these days. 

Workers who take pride in what they do

The CEO (who I wish more CEO’s could be cloned after him) told me in the summer, that facility is sweltering .  There’s no A.C. because it would mess up the furniture.  So instead, the employees work under heat lamps to help solidify the furniture…again, quality counts.  And you know, unfortunately sometimes, we as American’s forget that.  We try to save a few pennies here and there and give our money to another country, when we have people here who need to feed their kids like the rest of us.  I understand times our tight, but we all need to remember loyalty, benefits us all. 

Dugan Stephens is 1 of 190 employees losing his job and yet still, he's taking it in stride

I haven’t always done what my mother says.  For instance, when I moved to Roanoke over 3 years ago I bought a piece of not-so-quality furniture.  I’m paying the price right now even though I’ve been dusting the thing every week.  

Today was a blatant reminder for me…Quality Furniture…there’s nothing like it.  And, there’s nothing like supporting each other.


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