Watch Out…She’s About To Blow!!!

So I’ve been checking my mailbox for days waiting for my electric bill to come, completely frightened after we’ve been getting these outrageous emails from viewers.  It seems everyone is in the same boat.  I’ve heard tale after tale from people — their  average electric bill is normally around $120 and now with the new rate hike (and the cold winter) their bill has  shot up to $300 and in some cases…$500! 

So finally today, I decided to go online and get my bill (holding my breath all the while)  You ready? $200.  So I know what you’re thinking…Hollani, that not horrendous.  But keep in mind my bill is normally between $50 and $60 per month. What in the world? 

Frankly, I’m perplexed like most of you out there especially since Appalachian Power workers were unable to read everyone’s meter this billing cycle – thus the inaccurate totals. (ApCO workers were widely dispersed …tied up you might say because of the cold snap as we reported last night on News7) So, in the end, the company estimated a lot of our bills and we still don’t know what formula they used to get this kind of math!

So many people, as I said before are in this boat and now guess what?  Make room for one  more… me.  Boy, it’s getting smaller and smaller in here don’t you think?


One response to “Watch Out…She’s About To Blow!!!

  1. Hope Appalachian can give a better explanation on higher bills other than having to install cleaner air equipment. I thought they were given special funds from clean air act to do this!!

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