My hair wasn't the only thing blowing or in this case flowing

Do you ever wonder what’s going on right before a reporter steps in front of the camera?  Better yet, what is that reporting thinking about?

Well let me tell ya!  Today on News7 at Noon, I was hardly thinking about my story.

About 10 minutes before the newscast, out of nowhere, my nose starts bleeding.  Oh Crap!  I thought it would stop (any minute, any minute) but not a chance.  What in the world?  Next thing I know I’m calling my producer (shout out to Thom Brewer) to tell him there’s no way I could be the top story.  Obviously he agreed!  
I guess it’s all that cold dry air blowing through.  But hopefully another surprise won’t blow my way anytime soon! 

2 responses to “AND 3,2,1 …WAIT! (REPORTER CRISIS)

  1. I never had to deal with that one in my News 7 days way back when…one of the advantages of not having live field reports back then.
    Nice recovery, Hollani, especially in the wind.

    • hollanishottopics

      Paul! Thanks so much…your comment made me laugh. Hope all is well and Happy New Year!

      Hollani Davis Wknd. Anchor/Reporter WDBJ Channel 7 News Roanoke, VA 24017 (540) 985-3600 ext. 3608

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