Did You Hear?

I for one was thrilled to hear about the new crackdown on the airline industry, especially since last year I was stuck – in a plane – on the runway for a little over two hours.

According to the new rule, passengers will be allowed to get off their flight if it’s been sitting on the tarmac for three hours. Well HOORAY to that!

With flights being so jam-packed these days (since fewer planes are in the air) three hours is more than reasonable. If you’re like me you’re always sitting next to somebody’s crying child (and honestly, it’s not their fault. I’d like to cry too) and somebody who’s giving off bad body odor (you know I’m right as harsh as that sounds). Half of the time, the air/heat isn’t on and let’s not even touch on the smell coming out of those bathrooms.

I’ll tell you what, flying as wonderful a time saver it is…I’ve had more than my share of bad luck. Unfortunately, with my family living in the Western half of the States it’s really my only choice and boy do I have horror stories!

I’ll just share a few with you…

1. Once, I had my luggage lost for two weeks. By the fourth day the airline gave me a $250 voucher. And that’s supposed to cover what exactly? That’s just about the price of one pair of Ugg Boots. (P.S. My luggage showed up the day I was heading back home.)

2. Got stuck overnight in Chicago.

3. Been stuck overnight in Atlanta (at least the airline put me up in a “rat” hole motel).

4. Been stuck in Dallas overnight (no hotel that time). A female falling asleep with luggage in the airport…not so much.

5. Sat in an airport for a total of 15 hours this past weekend. Not enough planes, not enough pilots and couple that with the massive snow storm, yikes! MMMMmmm and who’s working for these industries again?

6. My luggage didn’t make it back to Greensboro once (my destination) so they told me I’d have to drive from Roanoke the following day and pick it up. Say what? I didn’t lose my luggage why do I have to come back and get it? (I’m happy to report they FOUND a way to get it to Roanoke).



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