Letter to Parents: Your Child is Special BUT….

letterSo this blog has been brewing for a while now from several of us here in the newsroom.  I can only speak for the phone calls I answer on the weekend and we get them almost EVERY weekend!

Some parent is upset because we didn’t cover their child’s football, soccer or volleyball game  (pretty soon we’ll add basketball to that list).  Last night for instance, a parent called because we didn’t cover a volleyball match.  I understand it was a big deal, it’s always a BIG deal!  However, taking up for our sports guys…understand THIS! 

There are only three of them and during this time of year they work tirelessly to make sure they have sportscasts ready to go for 4 newscasts each day of the week  (Saturday’s/Sunday’s that two shows).  There’s also the 30 minute Football Show on Friday. 

I for one can’t recall having news camera’s at all of my sporting events when I was growing up and you know what?  I didn’t care because the people who truly mattered – my parents – where there. 

Parents, I bet your kids would feel the same way so RELAX!  Your child IS special but so is everybody else’s (and unfortunately, they can’t all make it onto the news).


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