Have You Ever Gotten A Second Chance?


Let’s be real here for a second.  Some of us have not only gotten a second chance, but third, fourth and fifth.  That’s why I salute the Philadelphia Eagles for going out on the limb and giving Michael Vick a second chance by signing him this week.


As one viewer, Randy McElroy from Blacksburg put it:

While what Michael Vick was horrendous, he has paid his dues; nothing he can say or do can bring those animals back.  Give it a rest already.  There are many other NFL players who have been arrested/convicted for much worse things (i.e., murder, drugs, etc.) and have been given another chance.


Randy I couldn’t agree with you more!  What Michael Vick did was awful but you know what?   Up until the dogfighting debacle, he DID contribute a lot of good to society.  It was one mistake…A BIG MISTAKE yes, but he’s paid his time.

So many people want to crucify him still, but I ask you to think about what if someone (your parents, teachers, coaches, employer, spouse, children) didn’t give you that second chance?  Would you have gotten as far as you have in life?  I can positively say I wouldn’t have. 

When all is said and done folks…we’re all human which means “messing up”, it’s in our blood!  So instead of being so quick to cast stones…give Vick another chance.  At the end of the day if he messes up again, it likely won’t alter the course of your life.


One response to “Have You Ever Gotten A Second Chance?

  1. I don’t care if Vick plays in the NFL. Or stacks greased bbs.
    He made a conscious decision to kill dogs with his bare hands by holding them under water to drown them, hanging with a rope until they choked to death and beat them to death or slammed them into the ground.
    He doesn’t make a good pimple on the rear end of mankind.
    He is the worst kind of goon. I’m just damned tired of DBJ having their nose up his finyaka. It makes me want to gag.

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