Pole Dancing Anyone?

Recently I decided to step out of my box after a bit of a dare from my co-worker Bob Grebe.   He told me about this new class being offered at the Water Heater…a Pole Dancing Class.   If you’ve watched the Real House Wives of Atlanta you know first hand this is a hilarious hobby. 

hollani pole

Quite frankly though, pole dancing has  become somewhat of a phenomenon for women around the country.   The classes not only allow women to “showcase” their inner-sexy but more than that…they offer one heck of a workout.  I take power pump (which is a weight lifting class) and let’s just say it doesn’t even come close to this unusual workout.

 Back to the story though.  I decided to do this only because my little sister was game too!  We both agreed to pass by the place and make sure everything was kosher (if you know what I mean).  

courtney pole

Turns out we were the only two who showed up.   Our instructor taught us some basic turns and twists.  I never guessed it was so complex but let me tell you I pride myself on being coordinated and I still struggled!   Bruised even more than you can believe the next day – and bruises on someone of my complexion are usually hard to spot…not this time!  My arms ached for at least four days and my core muscles , WHEW let’s not even go there. 

The thing is, I did this on a dare but my sister and I both had a fantastic time.  We may even do it again.  Pole Dancing is most certainly a workout and the women who do it for a living deserve more than $1 tips. 

P.S.  I really wasn’t sure what to wear to this thing – As you can see I found the longest shorts in my closet (which don’t help when you’re trying to spin around that pole) and the biggest shirt I could find.  I’d have to re-think that totally the next time I decide to step out of my box.


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